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7a final

final for 7th grade history terms

Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting tobacco
Protestants who wanted to leave and found their own churches Separatists
Religious settlements established in California by the Spanish missions.
This movement that drove 15,0000 Puritans to Massachusetts Great Migration
This group maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans The French
This law protected Catholics from any attempt to make Maryland a Protestant colony Act of Toleration
The Seven Years’ War was a war between France and Britain
In the 1730s and 1740s, a religious revival swept through the colonies, called Great Awakening
theory that a nation’s power depended on expanding its trade and increasing its gold reserve mercantilism
leg of the triangular trade route in which enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies was know as the Middle Passage
This taxed almost all printed material in the colonies Stamp Act
Colonial leaders used the Boston Massacre killings as propaganda
These colonists were determined to fight the British for American independence Patriots
This was the name given to Americans who supported independence Patriots
This law, passed by the Confederation Congress, created a territory out of the lands north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi Rivers Northwest ordinance
government in which citizens rule through elected representatives republic
Articles of Confederation could go into effect, when it was approved by 13 states
Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress needed this many states to pass a law 9
Under the federal system the final authority is the Constitution
created a government that divided powers between the national government and the states is called federal system
This keeps any one branch of government from gaining too much power checks and balances
America’s first constitution Articles of Confederation
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote essays supporting the Constitution The Federalist
President George Washington considered this a grave danger political parties
Congress established a federal court system with Judiciary Act of 1789
Anthony Wayne forced 12 Native American nations from the Great Lakes region to sign this treaty Treaty of Greenville
This made it illegal to criticize the government Sedition Act
The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and 1799 spelled out this theory states rights
The first 10 amendments Bill of Rights
The amount the nation’s government owes national debt
Federalists believed in a national bank
This law gave the president the power to deport aliens Alien Act
The election of 1800 was decided by the House of Representatives
Supreme Court reviewing and ruling on acts judicial review
The Louisiana Territory was purchased from France
This prohibited trade with another country embargo Act
Henry Clay and John Calhoun were know as War Hawks
treaty that ended the War of 1812 Treaty of Ghent
This amendment requires electors to vote for the president and vice president on separate ballots 12th
The changes in the way goods were made in the mid 1700s first appeared in Great Britain
called for a tariff to stimulate growth of American industries American System
set the official border between Canada and the United States at the 49th parallel Convention of 1818
revolution that changed the way people worked Industrial Revolution
agreement that provided for the disarmament along the Canadian border Rush Bagot Treaty
to break away from the United States secede
Congress passed this act in order to relocate Native Americans Removal Act
that people from both Great Britain and the United States could settle in Oregon Country joint occupation
Mountain men made their living as fur trappers
This group took the law into their own hands in Gold Rush society vigilantes
this city was originally called Deseret Salt Lake City
mountain mens high point of the year rendezvous
the United States was set apart to extend its boundaries all the way to the Pacifi Manifest Destiny
The United States insisted this was the border between the United States and Mexico. Rio Grande
this profession made huge profits during the Gold Rush Merchants
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