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greece vocab ch 5

direct democracy a gov. in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives.
classical art had values of balance and proportion
tragedy was a serious drama about love hate war and betrayal
comedy contained scenes filled with slapstick situations and crude humor
Peloponnesian War a war lasting from 431-404 where athens and their allies were defeated by sparta and allies
Socrates one of the strongest critics, believed that absolute standards did not exist for truth and justice
Plato wrote the republic
Aristotle questioned the nature of the world and of human belief knowledge and thought
Philip II Macedonian king
Macedonia land north of greece had rough Mt. and cold climates
Demosthenes athenian orator tried to warn his country that phillip II and army posed a threat
Alexander the Great philips's son who proclaimed himself king of macedonia he was taught by aristotle and conquered many lands
Darius III Persian king
Hellenistic relating to the civilization language art science and literature
Alexandria became the foremost center of the commerce and Hellenistic delta
Euclid highly regarded mathematician who opend a school of geometry in Alexandria
Archimedes accurately estimated the valu of pi
Colossus of Rhodes a bronz statue that stood 100ft high
philosophers 'lovers of wisdom" determined to seek truth no matter where the search led them
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