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Egypt Test Review

review questions for HAC 4

Which two important regions of ancient Egypt did the Nile River flow through? Upper and Lower Egypt
Why is the flooding of the Nile good for farming? It washed fertile silt onto the land.
In ancient Egypt, farms grew into blank and then blank. villages; cities
How did Egyptian farmers water their crops? A system of canals
Which natural barriers initially protected ancient Egyptians from their neighbors? Desert to west, Mediterranean Sea to north, desert and Red Sea to east, cataracts on Nile to south
Who emerged as village leaders in ancient Egypt by 3200 B.C.? Farmers
Who do historians believe to be Egypt’s first pharaoh? What did he do? Menes; he unified upper and lower Egypt.
What did the double crown symbolize? The unification of Egypt as one kingdom
Menes and his descendants were the first blank to rule Egypt. dynasty
The pharaoh of Egypt was considered both a blank and a blank. king;god
Who would the Egyptians blame if there was disease or drought? The pharaoh
What was much of Egyptian religion focused on? The afterlife
What is ka? What did Egyptians believe happened to ka after a person died? A ka is a person’s life force. The Egyptians believed the ka left the body, but stayed near it (stayed linked to body). The ka needed food, drink, and entertainment just like a human, though.
What was the burial practice of ancient Egyptians? The Egyptians preserved the body before burying it so that the ka would be able to recognize it
Egyptians built pyramids to be grand and spectacular because… Pharaohs wanted to be remembered as great. The people were always trying to please the pharaoh, too, because he was a god. If the pharaoh’s ka was happy, then the people’s ka would be happy. The pyramid was the stairway to the heavens.
Who drove the Hyksos out of Egypt to begin the New Kingdom? Ahmose of Thebes
21. Why was there a growth in trade during the New kingdom? There was a growth in trade because Egypt conquered many new lands.
After the wars in the Middle Kingdom, Egyptians created a professional army and took control of all possible blank leading into the kingdom. invasion routes
The majority of Egyptians were employed as blank. farmers
Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry and other treasures? So the ka wouldn’t get bored
How did the Rosetta stone help scholars and historians in their study of hieroglyphics? The stone had hieroglyphics and two other languages inscribed. Scholars were able to decipher and read hieroglyphics because all three texts said the same thing.
In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh had many responsibilities. What were at least three of these- be specific. (check Brain Pop-Pharaohs) They had to make sure crops were growing, had to prevent disease and lead armies in war. Collect taxes, oversee trade and construction, make laws
Created by: iamawesome247
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