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History exam johnson

history exam

The men who led expiditions to conquer what today is mexico and central america became known as longquistadors
the united states declared war on ____ 1812 Brittan
while the house of representatives had a majority of northeners in 1819, admitting any new state, either slave or free would upset the balance in the senate
the cotton gin removes cotton seeds
the issue of slavery's expansion divided the country along party lines, but along sectional lines
in addition to ending the enslavment of millions of African Americans, the norths victory in the civil war also saved the union and strengthened the power of the fedral goverment over the states
the leading economic activity in the united states in the early 1800s was farming
abolitionists argued that enslaved african americans should be free without paying slave holders
settlement of the great plains was promoted by the railroads and supported by cattle ranchers
the army encouraged the killing of the buffalo in order to force native americans onto the reservation
the ''long drive'' was when ranchers moved longhorns to missouri
the confrontation at wounded knee occoured because the cheifs followers preformed a ritual
the system created to prevent anyone of the three branches of goverment from becoming too powerful is called checks and balances
the great comprommise proposed that in one house of congress the house of representatives the states would be represented according to the size of their population
a free african american could be falesly taken into custody under the terms of the fugitive slave act
current scientific evidence suggests that people arrived in america between _____ years ago 15k-30k
the united states gained the louisiana territory by buying it from france
the homestead act gave land to homesteaders if they _____ for five years lived there
the confrontation at wounded knee occoured because chiefs followers preformed a ritual
the dawes act attempted to help native americans by giving them plots of land
people using the phrase ''pikes peak or bust'' were miners
fighting between brittish and the french that began in 1754 in north america known as the french and indian war
the presidental election of 1800 resulted in a tie between which two canidates? john adams and thomas jefferson
the solution that emerged in the missouri compromise was to admit missouri as a slave state
who began the first modern industrial research labatory, resulting in many new inventions including the battery and the motion picture? edison
the reason for the countrys industrial success was its vast abundance of natural resources
the goverment offered each railroad company building the transcontinental railroad ____ along its right of way land
to make rail serivce more reliable in 1833 the ameircan railway association divide the country into time zones
when a single company achieves control of an entire market it is known as a monopoly
department stores changed the idea of shopping by bringing together a huge array of different products
under the pendleton act of 1883 some goverment jobs were filled by job applications
mississippi took the first step to prohibit afican americans from voting when it required that all citizens registering to vote pay a poll tax
the supreme courts decision in plessy vs ferguson established a legal basis for discrimination
boston, chicago, and new york city, elevated railroads and subway systems were developed to release tarrifs on city streets
political machines provided new city dwellers with nessecities such as jobs, housing, and police protection in exhange for votes
beginning in the late 1800s southern states used a loophole in the wounding of the fifteenth admendment to impose restrictions that kept blacks from voting
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