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History Key Terms

Agon Ancient greek word meaning a contest.
Agora Central spot in greek city-states
Sexigesmal of or relating to the number 60
Ur Ancient sumerian city, formerly on the Euphrates
Enkidu Legendary friend of gilgamesh
Chattel Slavery Slaver where people are the property of others
Divination The process of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means
Old Kingdom A period in ancient Egyptian history
Seth/Set An evil god who murdered his brother, Osiris
Arete means of excellence in any kind of Greek
Oligarchy A small group of people with control of a country
Perikles Athenian statesman and general
Demosthenes Athenian orator, his works urged resistance agains Philip II of Macedon
Issus A battle where Alexander the Great defeated Persia
Sumer Ancient region in southwest asia
Akkad Capitol of the Akkadian empire in southern mesopotamia
Ishtar The Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and war
Assyria Ancient country that is now Iraq
Pictographs A pictorial symbol for a word or phrase
Aryans Of or relating to the early Indo-European people
Middle Kingdom A period in ancient Egyptian history
Menes Egyptian pharaoh who founded the first dynasty
Guagamela Battle that took place in 331 BCE between Alexander the Great and Darius III
Persepolis A city in ancient Persia founded by Darius I
Akkadian of or relating to Akkad in Babylon or it's people
Law Code A type of legislation that purports to exhaustively cover laws
Semitic Language A group of related languages
Utnapishtim Favorit of the gods and grandfather of Gilgamesh
Uruk One of the earliest major cities in ancient Sumer
Debt Slavery An arrangement where a person must pay off debt by working as a slave
Ancestral Veneration In chinese culture, it is the practice of living family members who try to provide a deceased family member with continuous happiness and well-being in the afterlife
New Kingdom A period of time in ancient Egyptian history
Narmer An ancient egyptian pharaoh in the early dynastic period
Areopagus The highest of judicial council in ancient Athens
Delian League An alliance of ancient Greek city-states, dominated by Athens
Doric Temple Oldest and simplest of the three main orders of classical Greek architecture.
Chaeronea A battle in which Philip II of Macedon defeated the Athenians and Thebans
Diadachoi The group of Alexander's successors who fought over his conquered land after his death.
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