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Texas Revolution

my stuff

What is the significance of the come and take it flag? The purpose of the flag is to show Mexico that they are not giving the cannon back.
Why is Gonzales called the Lexington of Texas? Because in the U.S Revolution,Lexington was the location of the first battle in U.S Revolution,and Gonzales was the location of the first battle in the Texas Revolution.
Why was General Cos sent to Texas? He was sent to arrest the Texan leaders.
Who led the Mexican forces at the Siege of San Antonio? General Cos
Why did SFA leave the Siege of San Antonio? To go to the US, and get money and supplies
Define compromise... An agreement in which each side gives up some of what it wants in order to gain something important
Define Provisional Goverment? A temporary goverment.
Define Regular Army A force of full time soldiers who serve for a set period of time
Define siege a military strategy in which an army surrounds a fort,bombards it and lets the enemy surrender
Cavalry Soldiers on horseback
Infantry Soldiers trained and armed to fight on foot.
Reinforcements extra soldiers sent to a place to make the force there stronger.
Bayonets A long blade that can be attached to the end of a gun.
Tactical Retreat An organized pullback of troops from an enemy to gain an advantage
Attrocity A cruel or brutal act
Ratified Approved
Courier A messenger that is sent on an urgent mission
Siesta A short nap after the noon meal
Manifest Destiny Belief that U.S had the right and duty to expand.
Negotiate to reach an agreement through compromise
Barracks a building in which soldiers live
Three parts of Constitution are? preamble,list of grievences,conlusion
Sam Houston's army before and after Before- Sam Houston was expecting more soldiers on his side After- Fannin made mistakes and was late
describe runaway scrape Some Texans were fleeing to the US, because they were scared of Santa Anna
What are Fannin's mistakes? 1)poor oxen 2)splitting forces 3)dragging cannon 4)Stopping at field,not creek
Santa Anna's mistake that was an advantage to texas was...... letting his men take a siesta
Significance of San Jacinto Battle? TEXAS WON THEIR INDEPENDANCE!!!!!
1824 Mexican Federalist Constitution was written
1821 mexico wins independance from spain
1718 alamo is built
1519 pineda makes map of gulf coast and cortes attacks aztecs
1429 Christopher C. discovered US and the reconquista ends
Created by: Sraavyaa13