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History(Ancient Ireland)

Who were the first settlers in Ireland and when did they arrive? Middle Stone Age(Mesolithic) people. 8000BC
Give two characteristics for the 1st settlers in Ireland They were hunters and gathers. They hunted animals and gathered nuts and berrries
Where did the 1st settlers settle? Mount Sandel, Northern Ireland
When did the 1st farmers arrive in Ireland and what were they called? 4000BC,New Stone Age(Neolithic) people
Give 2 characteristics for the 1st farmers They built large megalithic tombs, they grew wheat and barley and kept cattle,sheep and pigs
What is meant by the word megalithic? Great stone
Name two type of tombs Neolithic people built Court cairns, portal dolmens, passage graves
What is a portal dolmen? A type of tomb built by Neolithic people. It consisted of a capstone(top piece) and two upright stones called portals
What is a passage grave? A passage that leads to a chamber
Give an example of a passage grave and talk about it Newgrange,Co.Meath.Newgrange is about 4500 years old.A long passage leads from the tomb entrance to a chamber deep inside the tomb where people such as kings are were burried.
Give an interesting fact about the passage grave you have mentioned Over the entrance the is a hole called a light hole. The hole is positioned that,precisely at the sunrise on 21 December sunlight can pass through the hole , down the passage and light up the chamber
What is wattle? Woven wooden poles to form a frame/wall for the house
What is daub? Mud witch was plastered onto the walls
What were rotary querns? Circular grinding stones that rubbed off each other
What was the Bronze age? Around 2000BC when people who came to Ireland discovered how to make sharp weapons and tools out of bronze
What is bronze? Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin
What were Torcs? Necklaces or bracelets that resembled ropes
What were Lunulas? Gold necklaces that looked like the crescent moon
What was a Fulachtaí Fia? An ancient cooking place
Name two types of tombs bronze age people built Cist graves, wedge tombs,standing stones
What was a cist grave? A small rectangular pit lined with stone slabs
What was wedge tomb? They looked like portal dolmens but they were high at one end and low and narrow at the other
What was the iron age? When Celts arrived to Ireland from Europe and brought knowledge of iron with them
When did the Celts arrive? 500BC
Name two pieces of clothing Celts wore? Tunics, woolen cloaks
What are stone forts? Circular forts called Dúns
What was the job of smiths? To make tools and weapons out of iron
What was the job of stonemasons? To make objects such as ogham stones. Stone pillars with names carved into them
What was the job of carpenters? To help build houses,fences and boats
What was a Druid? A priest
Name two Celtic festivals Samhain,1 Nov,Celtic New year. Bealtine,1 May, The beginning of summer
What was a tuatha? A small kingdon
What was a rí? A king
What was a tániste? The kings successor
What was the derbhfine? The royal family
What was a brehon? A judge
What was a Filí? A poet
What was a bard? People who recited or sang poetry
Who were the Aos Dána? Important people due to their special skills
Name 2 members of the Aos Dána? Druids and Filí
What was fosterage? When children of nobles were sent to other nobles to be educated
Celtic societies was organised in a certain way. Name the catorgaries people were organised in, in order from wealthy to poor The royal family, the nobles, the Aos Dána, the commoners and the slaves
Created by: Chimozukee