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Poll tax Money you had to pay before you vote
Progressivism Movement responded to the pressure of industrialization/urbanization by promoting reforms
Populist party Political formed to advocate large money supply/economic reforms
Protective tariff Tax on imported goods. Price is high enough to protect domestic goods
New nationalism Roosevelt's plan to restore the governments trust-busting power
New freedom Wilson's program to place government controls on corporations that small businesses benefit
Nativism Belief that nativ-born white Americans are superior to newcomers
New immigrants Southern and eastern European immigrants who arrived in a great wave
Laissez faire Lenient as in the absence of government control over private business
Company towns One company for housing, jobs, shopping in a community
Cash crop Crop grown for cash
Open range Grassland
Monopoly One company have the control over an entire industry
Muckraker Writer uncovers and expose political/business problems
Bessemer process Method to make steel more efficiently
Jim crow laws Segregation laws enacted in the south after reconstruction
Social Darwinism The strongest is alive
Exodusters African Americans migrated from the south to the west after civil war
Gilded age Post reconstruction era / facade of prosperity
Knights of labor Labor union organize all workers / focused on broad social reforms
Temperance movement Try to stop alcohol abuse & problems
Homestead act Law that gave land to citizens who willing to live on/ cultivate it for 5 years
Sand creek massacre Colorado military killed a camp is Cheyenne/Arapaho Indians
Suffrage The right to vote
Imperialism Political, military, economic domination from strong nations over weaker territories
Blacklist List of persons who were not hired cause of suspected Communist ties
Treaty of fort Laramie Treaty that restrict Indians to specific areas away from the major trials
Tenement Building divided into apartments to house as many families as possible
Wounded knee massacre Confrontation between u.s. cavalry and Sioux the end of Indian resistance
Ellis island New York harbor first place for immigrants when they arrived in the united states
Insurrection Rebellion
Dollar diplomacy President taft's policy of expanding American investments abroad
Sweatshop Small factory where worker have to work long hours under poor conditions for little pay
Spoils system Political party gave jobs/appointments to their supporters rather than to people based on to their qualifications
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