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Social studies 8-6

Chapter 6

Question Answer
Marbury V Madison Power of Judical review
Plessy V Ferguson / Brown V Board of Education gives moral power of protest
McCullough V Marylande principles emply power national supremacy
Miranda V Arizona right to remain silent; protecting accused and protection society
Dred Scott V Sandford denied black to sue in federal court
How does a bill become a law House introduces bill, house votes 2/3 yes? -> senate 2/3 yes -> president, if no bill goes back to house.
How does the Electoral College work and critique the process They can go with the majority or vote themselves;
Congress is made up of what 2 parts house and senate
What are the 3 branches of the federal government legislative, judicial, executive
List the 3 qualifications necessary to become a Representative 7 yrs as citizen; 25 yrs of age min.; live in area that elects you
Give an example of Checks and Balances in the U.S. government President can veto any law
How many... in House of Rep. 435
How many... in Senate 100
How many... in Supreme Court 9
The upper house of Congress is called what senate
List the 3 qualifications necessary to become President 14 consecutive yrs in U.S.; born in the U.S.; 35 yrs of age min.
Who can veto legislation president
What are the first 10 amendments of the Constitution called Bill of Rights
Who is the highest official in the executive branch president
What does impeach mean to charge with misconduct
Changes to the Constitution are called amendments
How long is a term for a president 4 years
How long is a term for a house representative 2 years
How long is a term for a senate member 6 years
The head of the Supreme Court is called what Cheif justice
where do revenue bills begin legislative branch - house - congress
List the 3 qualifications necessary to become a senator 30 yrs of age; 9 yrs in U.S.; live in area of election
The is the major job of the legislative branch make the laws
The is the major job of the executive branch enforcing laws of the land
The is the major job of the judicial branch uphold U.S. Consitution
Name Indiana’s two current Senators Dick Lugar and Dan Coats
Who is Indiana’s Representative from the 5th Congressional District Susan Brooks
List 5 of the president’s cabinet positions education, labor, agriculture, defense, interior.
The president’s cabinet is made up of how many heads of the executive department 15
Under the Federal system, the final athoratie is the what Constitution
Supporters of the Consitution are called what Federalists
Under the constitution, each state is commited to what
What is the vice president’s role in the legislative branch presidents of the senate
Opponents of gun-control laws argue that the 2nd amendment was intended to protect what
The one exception to the 5th amendment rule that no person can have property taken from them without due process of the law is called what emininate domain
What privileges do legal immigrants have while in the united states
name 3 duties of a citizen that is encouragesd, but not required
Which powers are concurrent, or shared by the states and the federal government
Which reson best explains why the Constitution’s framers insisted on dividing state representatives into bicameral, or two-house, legislature smaller states and larger states have equal say in elections
Created by: Angie-kav