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4th Page


Liberty and equality these were two themes of the french revolution
Republicanism the belief that a state should be ruled without a king
Peasantry rural laborers.
Propertied interests tose whose wealth derived from land. mainly of noble birth
bourbon Monarchy royal house of France since 1610
constitutional Monarchy kind whose power is limited by a written document , provides for n elected assembly
franchies the right to vote in an election
Gout disease cause inflammation of the joints, can cause toes to fall off
Deputies These were to be over 40 years old and had to pay 1,000 francs un direct taxation
Pays legal the group that had the franchise. they depended on the wealthy
anti-slericalism hostility to the clergy, were representatives of the Catholic church
caricature drawing or painting of somebody that exaggerates parts of their physical features or personality so they appear ridiculous
concert of europe great powers of europe working together to try to settle international problems
Socialism set of political beliefs and principles whose general aim is to create a system in which everyone has an equal opportunity to benefit from the country's wealth
Scrofula/ Holy Touch Charles X revived the medieval practice whereby it was believed that French kings could cure scrofula
National Debt the amount of money that a country owes
Jesuit order member of the society of Jesus, a powerful Catholic order which concentrated on education and conversion to the faith
Disestablished removing the special status of the Catholic church, formerly was part of the state and received financial support from the state
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