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Pearl Harbor Review

American History-Mr. Nauman

parents born in Japan Issei
Japanese-Amerians born in Japan Nisei
government issue GI
used in the air radar
used in the water sonar
Pearl Harbor date December 7, 1941
Japan's 1st wave plan 183 planes
Japan's 2nd wave plan 175 planes and went after pilots and airstrips
Japan's 3rd wave plan canceled
2 mistakes Japan made 1. did not destroy ship repair facility 2. 2 carriers were out to sea
names of Japanese planes Zero Mitsubishi, torpedoes and high altitude bombers
ship memorialized at Pearl Harbor Arizona
US guy blames for Pearl Harbor Admiral Kimmel
Japanese guy who planned the attack Admiral Yamamotto
Who said."A day that will live in infamy" FDR-Franklin D Roosevelt
How many pairs of brothers killed on Arizona? 30
How many still entombed in the Arizona today? 1177
What time did Japan attack? 7:55 am
Who put up the money to memorialize the Arizona? Elvis
women in the army WAACS
women in the navy WAVES
navy diver Edward C. Rayner
used to fight insectd DDT
carrier we launched planes from USS Hornet
time added on to tour of duty after Pearl Harbor 18 months
motto after Pearl Harbor Be prepared!
German sub Uboat
what did Japan lose in the attack? 129 men, 29 planes, 5 midget subs
number who volunteered for WW2 5 million
How much was 3 bedroom house at the time? $15,000 at 3% interest
What is a wolf pack made of? 15-20 uboats
What carrier did we launch planes from? USS Hornet
How many planes, midget subs and men did Japan loose? 29 planes, 5 midget subs, 25,000 men
What day did Pearl Harbor get attacked? Sunday
cook, boxer, Navy Cross Dorris Miller
Name of bombers in Doolittle raid B-25
How many planes were on Doolittle raid? 16
How many volunteers were on the Doolittle Raid? 80
How many African Americans were in the war? 1 million
How many Native Americans were in the war? 25,000
Who pushed for women in the military? George Marshall
How many people volunteer for WWII? 5 million
How many women worked in the factories during the war? 6 million
What was the medical nightmare of Pearl Harbor? oil and burns
Why was it easy to spy in Hawaii? 40% of population was Japanese
How long did it take for Congress to vote for war after Pearl Harbor? 1 hour
What plane did the Japanese use? Zero Mitsubishi
Why was Japan successful? surprise, radio silence, 11 days, 4000 miles
Created by: hwzone