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8th grade

Political Developments in the Early Republic

a formal cermony to mark the beginning of something, such as a president's term of office inauguration
Title of the chief executive Mr. President
The heads of the executive departments are known as the president's ........ cabinet
Executive department that handles relations with other countries. State department: Thomas Jefferson
Executive department to oversee the nation's finances Treasury department: Alexander Hamilton
Executive department established to defend the nation Department of War (Defense): Henry Knox
Serves as the president's legal advisor Attorney General (Justice Department): Edmund Randolph
Runs the postal system Postmaster
The most critical problem facing the new government. Money
Tax on the production or sale of a product Excise tax
Farmers in western Pennsylvania protested the excise tax on this after product of wheat. Whiskey
This rebellion was seen as a threat to the authority of the national government. Whiskey Rebellion
What political party thought that the French Revolution was a great crusade for democracy Democratic-Republicans, the party of Jefferson
an organized political group Party
Warned against the dangers of passionate loyalty to parties and alliances with other countries Washington's farewell address
Hamilton believed most people are selfish and out for themselves. A government that gives too much power to the common people cannot be trusted.
Jefferson believed most people are informed citizens can make good decisions for themselves and the country. I have faith in peoples' goodness and wisdom.
Hamilton believed these people should lead the country Wealthy, educated, public-spirited men
Jefferson believed these people should lead the coutnry Farmers and planters
Hamilton believed our national government should be strong and should unite the states and keep order among the people
Jefferson believed out national government should be small with limited power (states rights)
Hamilton believed the ideal economy be based on business, manufacturing, and trade
Jefferson believed the ideal economy be based on agriculture
Hamilton and the establishment of a national bank Yes is constitutional. Loose construction of the Constitution. Elastic clause allows Congress to make any neccessary laws.
Jefferson and the establishment of a national bank No. Constitution does not say anything about a national bank and therefore Congress cannot create one. Strict construction of the Constitution, it means what it says.
Hamilton and the U.S. ally itself with France or Great Britain Great Britain. Respect Britain's ability to keep order and to defend itself.
Jefferson and the U.S. ally itself with France or Great Britain France, bloodshed was necessary to pay for freedom
people who have come from other countries and are not yet citizens aliens
the crime of encouraging rebellion against the government sedition
to become a citizen will take 14 years, not 5 allowed the president to jail or deport (expel) aliens who were suspected of stirring up trouble. Alien Act
Printing, writing, or speaking in a scandous or malicious way against the government, Congress or the President Sedition Act
to refuse to recognize a federal law. this means by a state is called nullification Nullify
All rights kept by the states under the Constitution. Supporters of this argued that states were not obliged to honor federal laws that they believed violated the Constitution States' rights
The election of 1800 was victory for the new system of government establish by the Constitution. Revolution of 1800
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