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Government Final Rev

novelstars government FINAL REVIEW

What president became vice president because of succession? Gerald Ford
What amendment states that the vice president becomes the president if the president is unable to carry out his presidential duties 25th amendment
The role played by the President Chief Judge
What is not a requirement for becoming president? the candidate must be at least 40
Each president has a limited time of 10 years to be president because of what amendment? 22nd amendment
What is a formal duty assigned to the vice president by the constitution? to preside over the president
The framers of the constitution provided for the selection of the president by a body of electors
The oldest method for picking national convention delegates caucus-convention method
How are state's presidential electors chosen? popular vote
How many votes in the electoral college must a candidate win to become president? the majority of the votes
How many times has the election been decided in the house? 2 times
The candidate who wins the majority of the popular votes in a presidential election- doesn't necessarily win the presidency
What is NOT a proposal for reform in the current presidential election system? "Winner Take all"
Under what proposed arrangement would 102 electoral votes be awarded automatically to the winner of the popular vote? The "National Bonus Plan"
The candidate's closest adviser in a campaign is the campaign manager
The chief right arm of the president is the Executive office of the president
What isn't a part of the Executive Office of the President? The Department of Defense
What agency directs the operations of the CIA? The National Security Council
The cabinet is a product of what? custom and usage
Members of the Cabinet are appointed by The President
What has NOT contributed to the growth of "executive power" over time? The fact that executive power isn't concentrated on one person
Theodore Roosevelt- took a broad view on the powers of the president
The Ordinance Power is the power to issue executive orders
"Senatorial Courtesy" applies to presidential appointments
executive agreements do not require Senate consent
Military power in the United States is held by- The President and Congress. (The president has the dominant position)
What is NOT a legislative power to the President? the power to grant reprieves
What does NOT describe Presidential vetoes? they may be applied to particular sections of a bill
A general pardon offered to a group of violators is known as- amnesty
A bureaucracy, or large and complex administrative structure in the executive branch- is a standard feature of modern government
What most accurately describes the constitution's position with regard to the administrative machenery of the government? the constitution merely suggests the existence of several executive departments
The name "department" refers to- agencies of Cabinet rank only
A staff agency- serves in a support capacity
What is NOT a "Line Agency"? the White House office
What was NOT one of the original executive departments set up by congress in 1789? the Department of Education
What is NOT an "independent agency"? the internal revenue service
What are largely independent of presidential control? independent regulatory commissions
When the Interstate Commerce Commission fixes freight rates and other issues concerning commercial transportation, it is exercising- Quasi-legislative powers
What is NOT a factor accounting for the large measure of independence of the independent regulatory commissions? Each member serves only 1 year
Th United States Postal Service is a- government cooperation
What program is NOT supported by payroll taxes? the Rent Supplement Plan
Both corporate and individual income taxes are set at -_______- rates. progressive
Federal employees can NOT- strike
The pay for federal employees is set by- Congress
T/F: Vice presidential nominees are chosen by their ability to "Balance a ticket" rather than their qualifications for office. TRUE
T/F: A president must be a naturalized citizen of the United States. FALSE
T/F: A president may now serve more than 10 years in office. FALSE
T/F: Both parties discourage television coverage of conventions. FALSE
T/F: The selection of a permanent chairperson be a major test of strength among the rivals for the nomination. TRUE
T/F: The platform is a basic statement of a party's principals and its stand on major policy matters. TRUE
T/F: A convention's first ballot always produces a candidate. FALSE
T/F: Small states proportionally underrepresented in the electoral college. FALSE
T/F: The President may use the armed forces to "keep the domestic peace". TRUE
T/F: The constitution assigns all war powers to the President. FALSE
T/F: The Supreme Court, on several occasions affirmed the constitutionality of the War Powers Resolution. FALSE
T/F: Independent Regulatory Commissions have executive, legislative, and judicial powers. TRUE
T/F: Independent executive agencies range from large, important organizations to small, seldom-noticed public bodies. TRUE
T/F: The executive branch has, over the years, gone through a continuing process of organizing and reorganization. TRUE
T/F: The Federal Budget is a statement of a nation's priorities, rather than just a financial document. TRUE
T/F: The three major social welfare programs; Social Security (OASDI) program, Medicare program, and the unemployment compensation program, are all supported by income taxes. FALSE
FACT: The first President was sworn in on April 30, 1789.
FACT: The framers of the constitution thought the American people should choose the President, not congress.
FACT: The first vice president was selected under the original voting system by who had the second highest number of electoral votes.
FACT: The House of Representatives selected the president in 1800 because Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr had tied for the presidency.
FACT: Each state has as many presidential electors as it has senators and representatives in Congress.
FACT: If the Presidential election is thrown into the House, the top three candidates in the electoral college are eligible to be selected president.
FACT: Votes of the electoral college are officially counted before a joint session of Congress.
FACT: If the House has to select a president, the votes are divided among the states by one vote per state delegation.
What were the three cabinets that were established in 1789? state, treasury, and war
Define "secretary" A term for the head coach of each department
What percent of Middle Management Personnel are career people? About 80%
What was the first cabinet department that was formed in the 1900's? The Commerce Department.
The basic goal of the American foreign policy is and always has been to- safeguard the nation's security.
American foreign policy today- includes all that this government does and says in world affairs.
What was the 1st of several Cabinet departments created by Congress? The State Department
Define "Diplomatic Immunity" A widely accepted and generally honored practice in world affairs.
What statement is NOT true? -All ambassadors today- are career diplomats.
What is a permit granted by one state that allows a citizen to enter another state? Visa
TV news editors select the stories to broadcast for importance and- entertainment value.
The Constitution gives no role to what foreign affairs? The states
The Constitution gives the power to determine the size and budget of the Defense Department to- Congress.
The official propaganda agency of the United States- US Information Agency
What best describes the American Foreign Policy before WWII? isolationism
What region of the world does the Monroe Doctrine apply? the Western Hemisphere
What is marked the emergence of the US as a first class power in world politics? the Spanish-American war
The open door policy applies to what region of the world? the far east
The policy of resisting the expansion of Soviet power and influence in world politics is- containment.
What president began a purposeful attempt to improve American relations with the two major communist powers? President Nixon
Policy of forestalling any attacks upon the United States or its allies by maintaining massive military strength is- deterrence
Period of de'tente with the Soviet Union ended with the - soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Since WWII, the US has provided over-________- in economic and military aid to other nations. $30 billion
What nation is NOT now a member of the United Nations? Nationalist China
The United States and the nations of Western Europe are joined together in- NATO
Five member nations that held the veto power in what UN organ? the Security Council
The Camp David Accord was an attempt to build peace in what region of the world? The Middle East
What organ of the UN is composed of all of the member nations? the General Assembly
One difference between the Constitutional Courts and the Special Courts is that the- Special Courts hear a much narrower range of cases.
Federal Courts have jurisdiction over a case on the basis of- the subject matter or the parties involved.
Concurrent jurisdiction means that a case may be heard- in either Federal or State Court.
Federal officers who make arrest, secure jurors, and serve legal papers are- Marshals
What does Not accurately describe District Courts? They do not have original jurisdiction
What has only had appellate jurisdiction? The Courts of Appeals
The only court specifically created by the Constitution- the Supreme Court.
The power of the courts to determine the constitutionality of a government action is- Judicial Review.
Out of the 3,500 to 4,000 cases appealed to the Supreme Court each year, approximately how many are finally decided by court? 120
The Supreme Court has- both appellate and original jurisdiction.
A court order commanding a public officer to do something required by law is a- writ of man mandamus.
The case of Marbury vs Madison established the proncipal of- Judicial review.
A written statement by most of the Justices in support of a Supreme Court decision is a- majority opinion.
The size of the Supreme Court is set by- Congress.
The post of Attorney General- was established by the first succession of Congress.
Judges of the Constitutional court are appointed for- life.
Presidential appointees to the Supreme Court- must be confirmed by the senate.
If all of the Supreme court Justices take part in a case, that case must be decided by a- majority vote.
The annual loss because of crime in the United States is estimated at- $150 billion.
T/F: The nation became involved in foreign wars four timed in the 1990's TRUE
T/F: The nation's early history was marked by intense internationalism. FALSE
T/F: All world nations are allies of the United States. FALSE
T/F: Insistence on freedom of the seas has recently become a part of the American Foreign Policy. FALSE
T/F: 6 presidents served as secretary of state before reaching the White House. T/F: 6 presidents served as secretary of state before reaching the White House. TRUE
T/F: President Truman appointed the first female ambassador. TRUE
T/F: Diplomats who abuse their privileged status can be expelled from a country but not arrested. TRUE
T/F: Certain special diplomats also carry the rank of ambassador. TRUe
T/F: A foreign service officer who is temporarily in charge of an embassy is known as the honorary ambassador. FALSE
T/F: State department offices are organised by geography only. FALSE
T/F: America's basic foreign policy purpose has always been to protect the security of the United States. TRUE
T/F: Thomas Jefferson sharply disagreed with George Washington's policy of isolation. FALSE
T/F: The US sent troops into Latin America and the Caribbean a lot in the 1990's. TRUE
T/F: The Monroe Doctrine stated that European powers must immediately give up all territory held in the western hemisphere. FALSE
T/F: Roosevelt's good neighbor policy was a conscious attempt to win friends in Latin America. TRUE
T/F: The Rio Pact of 1947 set out a warning against foreign intervention into the western hemisphere. TRUE
T/F: The US enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine was met with unanimous praise by the other nations of the America's. FALSE
T/F: Current American foreign policy is based on the concept of security through defense alliances. TRUE
T/F: In recent years, the largest amount of American economic aid has one to western Europe. FALSE
T/F: The United State's policy in the Middle East is torn between support for Israel and the need for Arab oil. TRUE
T/F: The Warsaw Treaty organisation was formed to provide a collection defense of western Europe FALSE
T/F: Economic and military aid to other countries has been an important part of the American Foreign policy for more than 40 years. TRUE
T/F: The ANZUS pact united Australia, New Zeland, and Japan in a defense alliance. FALSE
T/F: The signing of the Camp David Accord ended more than 30 years of hostilities between Israel and Europe. TRUE
T/F: The US continues to maintain limited relations with Taiwan through temporary embassy. FALSE
T/F: The Constitution explicitly spells out the power of the judicial review. FALSE
T/F: The Supreme Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction over all controversies between 2 or more states. TRUE
T/F: The Writ of Certiorari is a court order compelling a government official to preform a specific duty. FALSE
T/F: The US wins it's point whenever a defendant is convicted. FALSE
T/F: Justice is often difficultto define because it;s a concept not a physical reality. TRUE
T/F: Most scholars agree that we live in a totally just society. FALSE
T/F: Justice, in practice, means a law must be reasonable and fair in both it's content and it's administration. TRUE
The -___ _____- hears cases involving tax laws. Tax Court
An appeal of court martial decision would come before the -_____ __ ________ ______-. Court of military Appeals
The -_______ _____- hears cases including ambassadors, ministers,and consuls, and cases in which a state is a party and reviews cases if lower federal court and state supreme court. Supreme Court
The -________ ______- have original jurisdiction over cases of federal,criminal, and civil laws. District courts
Cases related to tariff and trade laws come before the -_____ __ _____________ _____-. Court of International Trade
Claims against the US government must go to the -______ _____-. Claims Court
The -______ __ _______- have only appellate jurisdiction and receive most of their cases from the District Courts within their circuits. Court of Appeals
What was the importance of Marbury vs Madison?- It established the principal of Judicial review.
What isn't true about the Constitution? It takes precedence over any other form of federalism
Among the earliest state constitutions, the Massachusetts constitution was the only one to- be submitted to the people for ratification.
Under the earliest state constitutions- the powers of the new government were closely limited.
What is NOT true about the present state constitutions? Some contain no provision for amendment.
The present state constitutions- have depended largely on formal amendments for constitutional change and development.
A preamble to a constitution- sets out the purposes of the document.
What refers to a limited change, dealing with only one or a few provisions of a constitution? an amendment
Most of the formal changes in the state constitutions have- been amendments to the existing documents.
How many state constitutions were written in the 20th century? 17
During the making of a constitution by convention process, the people usually do Not vote on- authorizing the disbanding of the convention.
In order to become part of the state constitution in every state except Delaware, an amendment must first be approved by- a vote of the people.
What adjective best describes most present state constitutions? Obsolete
What does NOT apply to most present state constitutions? fundamental law and statutory law have been clearly separated
Fundamental law- A law of basic and lasting importance that is contained in a constitution.
From what would you be most likely to obtain a copy of your state constitution- the office of the Secretary of the State.
The "power house of State Government" is the- Sate legislature.
What statement is TRUE of the state government of Nebraska? The State Legislative in unicameral in form.
Where it's used, the one house state legislature has NOT resulted in- more opportunities for special interest influence.
The case of Reynolds vs Sims- held that equal protection clause requires legislative districts containing substantially equal numbers of persons.
Created by: melodychambers
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