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Ch. 4 Social Studies


enlightened; invented bifocals, stove, fire insurance, and lightning rod; founded 1st fire company, library, and University of Pennsylvania Ben Franklin
Massachusetts preacher of the Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards
Virgianian who went to the Ohio country; served as General Braddock's guide; built Fort Necessity George Washington
general appointed by British; ambushed by Native Americans and French in woods and died General Braddock
became Britain's secretary of state and eventually prime minister; great millitary planner William Pitt
British general who captures Quebec and Louisbourg General Wolfe
Half King Tanagrisson
French commander Marquis de Montcalm
King of France during war Louis XV
British general who captured Fort Duquesne General Forbes
battle in which Native Americans and French ambush Brtish in woods; nearly 1,000 British soldiers die; General Braddock is killed Battle of the Monongahela
battle in which French/Indians win; British eventually surrender after realizing Webb and more men aren't coming Battle of Fort William Henry
16,000 British troops are defeated by 4,000 French troops under General Montcalm Battle of Fort Ticonderoga
General Wolfe defeats Montcalm but they both die; breaks French's back in New World Battle of Quebec
Created by: madison.heaton