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Jacobins Led by Maximilian Robespierre, member of a radical political club during the French Revolution
Civil Code Established by Naolpeon, Promoted a society where individuals qualified for education through talent and protected private property
Directory Group of conservative men of property that seized power and ruled france, unable to reolve economic and military problems, came to end when Napoleon seized power in November 1799
Peninsulares Member of highest social class, dominated Latin America political and social life, Pure Spanish Blood
Conservtism Political orienttion advocating the preservation of the best in society and preventing radical change
Liberalism took change as normal and welcomed it as an agent of progress
Zionism Political movement that holds Jewish people constitute a nation and have a right to their own homeland in Palestine
Congess of Vienna An international conference 1814-1815 led by Klemens von Metternich that settled territory issues and restored power of crowned heads of Europe
Marshals Important and trusted military commanders
Buffer States States that separate ambitious powers from one another and protect them from each other's aggression
Cantons group of small states in Switzerland that were largely self-governing and traditionally left alone by the popes and other surrounding rulers
Hadsburgs Imperial family of Austria, officially the house of Hadsburg- Lorraine after 1745
Pope Head of the Roman Catholic Church
Diet the governing council of the German Confederation
Prince Regent Person ruling a country when the king or Queen is unable to rule because they are too ill
Catholic/Orthodox/ these represent different groups within the Christian Faith, Roman Catholics believed the pope to be gods representative on earth, Orthodox/ Christian regarded the star of Russian as their Earthly leader
Protestant broke away from the church and believe in direct individual communication with god
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