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Spanish 3 final rev

a lo mejor probably
aduvo (andar) s/he walked (to walk)
el bolsillo pocket
el bombero firefighter
el bosque forest
la botella bottle
caerle bien a uno to like someone
una cajera a cashier
una calentura a fever
uncatarro a cold
un cliente a customer
un cocinero a cook
conseguir to get
de hecho in fact
debia s/he should
desmayarse to faint
despedir a alguien (lo despidio) to fire someone (s/he fired him)
un detalle a detail
el dinero money
dio media vuelta s/he turned halfway around
un disfraz a disguise
distinto different
un dolor pain
el dueno owner
empezar (empezo) to begin (s/he, it began)
entrar to enter
equivocarse (se equivocaba) to make a mistake (s/he made a mistake)
la esquina corner
estornudar to sneeze
la gripe the flur
guadar (guardo) to put away (s/he put away)
hubo there was
el humo smoke
el juguete toy
lo que what
mejor, el mejor better, the best
meter (metio) to insert, put inside (s/he put inside)
un negocio a business
no le caia bien nadie nobody liked him/her
no se sintio mejor sino peor s/he didn't feel better but instead worse
olvidarse (se olvido) to forget (s/he forgot)
una pastilla a pill
peor, el peor worse, the worst
perder (perdia) to lose (s/he, it was losing)
por los menos at least
preocuparse (se preocupaba) to worry (s/he worried)
quemar to burn
un robo a robbery
el sabor flavor
se sintio (sentirse) s/he felt (to feel)
sin embrago however
sino but instead
sintio un dolor fuerte s/he felt a strong pain
tanto so much
toser (tosio) to cough (s/he coughed)
vender (vendia) to sell (she was selling)
Created by: madibea
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