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Ch.15 TN

Final Review Matching

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Know as FDR, the 2-term governor of New York and a distant cousin of former president Roosevelt
New Deal It focused on 3 general goals, relief for the needy economic recovery, and financial reform
Eleanor Progress A social reform who combined her deep humanitarian impulses with great political skills
Works Progress Administration (WPA) It created as many jobs as possible as quickly as possible between 1935 to 1943
Social Security Act A law enacted in 1935 to provide aid to retirees, the unemployed, people with disabilities and families with dependent children
Mary McCloud Bethune An educator who dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young African American
Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) A labor organized composed of industrial unions founded in 1938, it merged with AFL in 1955
Orson Welles An actor, director, producer, and writer created on of the most renowned radio broadcasts one of all time "the war of worlds"
Richard Wright An African American Author, complete his acclaimed novel native son (1940) about a young man trying to survive in a racist world
Tennessee Valley Authority A federal corporation established in 1933 to construct dams and power plants electricity as well as to prevent floods
Created by: hackett12