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exam study

The Cabinet advises the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member's respective office. Includes VP and 15 executive departments
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
Secretary of Justice Eric Holder
Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar
Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank
Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis
Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood
Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet A. Napolitano
Secretary of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun L.S. Donovan
Department of State Conducts foreign affairs, send ambassadors around the world, open consulate offices in foreign cities, issue passports and visas
Department of the Treasury watches the economy, creates money, collects money
Department of Justice headed by the Attorney General, enforce the laws, defends the government in court
Department of the Interior looks after the property of the federal government, takes care of our national parks
Department of Commerce regulates trade, sets official weights and measures
Department of Labor make sure working environments safe and laws followed
Department of Health and Human Services looks after the health of the country
Department of Energy plans nation's energy policy, looks over nuclear facilities
Department of Education federal money to schools and colleges
Department of Veterans Affairs oversees distribution of veterans benefits and veteran hospitals
Department of Homeland Security largest federal agency, created after 9/11, protects nation from terrorist attacks
Department of Defense looks after the armed forces of the United States
Department of Transportation oversees roads, airports, shipping trains, etc.
Department of Agriculture looks after farms and agricultural needs
Department of Housing and Urban Development provides for housing for poor and makes sure communities are safe
Created by: mpiontek
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