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exam time for 6th gr

exam studying

contenits Anarctica,Austrila,Africa,Asia,North America,South America,Europe.
Oceans Indiana,Atlantic,Pacific,Artic
Parts of a map Symbol,Scale,Key,Compass
Valley A low land between hills or mountains
Glaciers It is a large,thick body of slow moving ice
Island A body of land completely surrounded by water
plain an area of low land usally covered with grasses
River It is a large natural stream of water that runs through land
Volcano A moutain created as liquid rock or ash erupts from inside the earth
ithum A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
downstream this is the direction in which a river flows fromits source mouth
canyon It is a deep and narrow valley with steep sides
pennisula A body of land surrounded by land on three sides
Mesa A flat hill topped hill with steep sides and is common in the desert
Continents The name of the land masses into which the earth is divided
Ocean Largebodies of salt water that makes about two thrids of the surface of the Earth
Anarctica A continent without any countries
Asia The largest land area
irrrigation The watering of dry farm land by means of ditches or pipes
metizo A person who has both american and Spanish Indiana ancestrys
Civilization A high level of culture that includes writing
staple a main food eaten by people
empire a group of countries or cultures under a single ruler
colony a territory owned and governed by another country
The mail religoin in Mexico is Roman Cathlolic
The Aztecs built a city in central america Mexico that is the current site of Mexico City
The capital of Mexico is Mexico City
The money used in Mexico is the peso
The discover , along with his man Cortez
In Mexico, the primary language spoken is Spanish
Most of the Mexicans today are Metizos
The main crop in mexico is corn
adobe is mixture of wet clay and straw
A bread made of corn or flour is called tortillas
adobe a sun dried brick made of mud and straw
sacred deeply respected and usually having religious meaning
guerrilla a soldier who fights outside a regular war
rain forest any dense forest that grows in a warm, moist area
cash crop a crop grown to be sold
dictator a leader who rules with complete power
contra a rebel fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua
United Nations an international organization whose purpose is to keep peace between nations
hacienda a main food eaten by people
ejido a communal farm in Mexico
pyramid a structure with a square base and four triangle shaped sides that rises to a point
cacao the plant from which chocolate is made
aqueduct a that carries water from one place to another
quipu a knotted string used by the Inca to keep records
junta a small group of military leader who take power and rule a country by force
terrace a long step cut into a slope to create level land for farming
smuggle to move goods in or out of a country illegally
landlocked surrounded by land
Antarctica is the ----- largest continent 5th
Antarctica has the most water on Earth, but it never---- rain
The closest land to Antarctica is ------ South America
Even though Antarctica was not seen until the 19th century,the ancient -------- thought must be there it Greeks
During the winter months, Antarctica is surrounded by a belt of ice -----wide 1000
The wind in Antarctica wind gusts up to 200
Antarctica has 6 months of winter, during which it is dark
penguins have 2 enemies in the water ------and ------ killer whales and leopard seals
the ocean has many kinds of life like-----kinds of fish and------ 200 kinds of fish and 43 kinds of birds
the coldest temperature every recorded was ---- 129
Sir Francis Drake was the------ 1st Antarctica explorer,because he sailed the furthest south
James cook ___________ was the first to penetrate the unknown water of the Antarctic Circle An English
Sealers killed ___________ seals 3 1/2
The first Explorer to get to the South pole was ________________.He used sled dogs. Amundsen,a Norwegian
On the globe, you would find Antarctica at the _______________. bottom
__________, was an Englishman,was getting to the South Pole. He and his men later died. Admiral Scott
________ is an active volcano on Antarctica. Mt.Vesuvius
___________ owns Antarctica NO One
scientists work in Antarctica during 6 months of ___________. During that time, Antarctica has daylight for 24 hours each day summer
Antarctica has what percentage of the world's fresh water. Two-thirds
Millions of years ago, Antarctica was warm,, ice free land covered with trees and other plants True
The original people of Australia are Aborigines
An example of a marsupial is a kangaroo
Australia is the size of The United States
Australia's vast desert interior is called The Outback
New Zealand's landscape is green and mountainous
The Marois came to New Zealand by canoe
_______________is the only continent that is also a country Australia
The Aborigines use a _____________ to hunt. boomrang
New Zealand is a ______________zone. nuclear free
A_______________is a type of mammal tat is born before it is fully developed. Marsupial
New Zealand is made up of _____islands ,and it is about the size of__________________. 2,Colorado
The Marois came to New Zealand form___________and__________. Tahiti and Hawaii
The ______________________,off the coast of Australia, is a great place to snorkel The Great Barrier Reef
The capital of Australia is Canberra
The capital of New Zealand is Wellington
Created by: birdiebre2
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