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Stack #1131676

Why were the farmers loosing money in the 1920s? Too much
Why were the farmers loosing money in the 1930s? Dust Bowl
What hardships were there in the great depression? Poverty Eviction Hunger
What was life like in the dust bowl? Dust Pneumonia Lost Crops Death In Family
What are 4 new deal programs? FERA PWA AAA TVA CCC FDIC NRA WPA REA NYA Wagner Act SSA
What is buying on the margin? Buying stocks on borrowed money.
What problems arise from buying on margin? You might loose borrowed money.
How did factories play a part in the great depression? Making too much
How did businesses play a part in the great depression? Making too much
Why did banks fail? People withdrew too much at once.
Why did Hover's public works projects work? They were too little and too late.
Why did people blame Hover for their suffering? He did not help the public.
What was a downfall of buying on credit? You might lose your money and can't pay it back.
What happened on 10/13/29? Why? The stock market crashed because people sold all their stocks at once.
How did the great depression differ from other depressions? It was the longest with the most suffering.
How did FDR restore confidence in banks? Closed Banks Only opened good ones Told people banks were good
What changes happened to the government? They started caring about the well being of people.
What changes occurred for women in the 1920s? They could have different jobs.
How were minorities helped in the great depression? He did not support the anti-lynching bill.
What is the difference between a liberal & conservative? Liberal: Wants government to help Conservative: Does not want government to help
Created by: e_williams