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Great Depression

Why were farmers losing money during the 1920's and 1930's? Europe was't buying food after WW1 so there was too much food, and the dust bowl killed crops and animals
What hardships did families face during the Great Depression? 3 examples and explain. -If parents were unemployed, they couldn't feed their families -dust bowl destroyed homes and killed people -People were homeless if they couldn't pay for their homes -Children as young as 13 left home to find work
Describe what life for farmers was like in the dust bowl. 3 examples and explain -dust killed crops -farmers left to California to find work -dust killed livestock -rural communities unraveled; schools and churches closed
Become familiar with some of the New Deal programs and what they did. 4 examples. TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority. Built dams, planned development for the Tennessee Valley region. Helped by controlling flooding, creating jobs, and gave electricity.
New Deal program 2. FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Protected the money of depositors in insured banks. Helped by keeping money safe so people wouldn't lose their savings, and if people keep their money in the banks, banks can give out loans.
New Deal program 3. REA: Rural Electrification Administration. Brought electricity to rural areas. Helped by creating jobs, making household jobs easier, and allowing people to use radios.
New Deal program 4. WPA: Works progress Administration: Established large scale national works programs to create jobs. Helped by creating more jobs and improving communities. Example: Roosevelt Pool.
Define buying on the margin. When you pay a small part of stock's price as a down payment and borrow the rest.
What problems can arise when you buy on the margin? Problem is if stock prices drop, people couldn't pay back the loans. Then, banks lose money, and if banks lose money the people lose money too.
How did businesses/factories play a role in creating the Great Depression? Factories made too many goods, so the prices went down and people didn't buy goods. If the factories don't make money, workers lose their jobs and become unemployed or homeless.
Why did many banks fail during the Great Depression? People borrowed money to buy stocks. When the stock market crashed, people couldn't pay back the loans, and banks lost money.
Hoover started public works projects. They did not boost the economy. Why? They were too little, too late.
Why did many people blame Hoover for their suffering? He wouldn't help them, and hunger, unemployment, and homelessness grew.
What was a downfall of buying on credit? Consumers stopped buying when the debt grew too high and they couldn't pay.
What happened on October 23, 1929? Stock prices dropped sharply
Why did this happen? (October 23, 1929) Because no one wanted to buy stocks, so they lost value.
How was the Great Depression different from earlier economic depressions? It lasted longer, people suffered more, and it was felt around the world.
How did FDR restore confidence in banks? One reason and explain how it helped. He declared "bank holiday," closed banks so people could not take out their money. Helped because the banks wouldn't continue to lose money if people couldn't take their money out.
How did FDR restore confidence in banks? One reason and explain how it helped. He only allowed banks to reopen if they were in good shape. Helped
How did FDR restore confidence in banks? One reason and explain how it helped. He gave "fireside chats," he told people to put their money in banks.
What changes occurred for women during the Great Depression? Eleanor Roosevelt became FDR's eyes and ears and held press conferences with women reporters. Because of her, there were more women in government that ever before.
How were minorities affected by the Great Depression 1? 3 African Americans made up FDR's "Black Cabinet."
How were minorities affected by the Great Depression 2? Mexicans lived in rural southwest and couldn't find jobs.
How were minorities affected by the Great Depression 3? Native Americans' lives were improved, Indian Recognition Act was passed.
What changes were there to the federal government after the Great Depression? FDR increased president's power, and government was responsible for peoples well being. They made relief payments, provided school lunches, and ran a program providing pensions.
What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative? A liberal favors government action and a conservative favors fewer government action.
Created by: d_macasieb
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