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1930's Depression

Why were farmers loosing money during the 1920's and 1930's? Farmers were losing money because they were producing too many crops, making the price go down. Also, Europe wasn't buying food from the U.S. anymore, so they weren't getting as much money anymore.
What hardships did families face during the depression? Many adults were unemployed so they couldn't support their families. That meant that they couldn't supply them with food o they were forced to go to soup kitchens and bread lines.
Describe the life for farmers was like in the dust bowl. Example 1. Farmers lost their main source of income because dust and static electricity ruined their crops.
Dust bowl example 2. Farmers didn't have money for food because the dust storms ruined their crops, so they weren't able to see anything to make money.
Dust bowl example 3. Farmers would get ammonia from the dust, filling their lungs with dust, making it hard to breathe.
What is the FDIC? What did it do? Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation. Protected money of deposits in secured banks.
What was the CCC? What did it do? Civillian Conservation Corps. Hired young men to plant trees, build dams, and work on conservation projects.
What was the TVA? what did it do? Tenesse Valley Authority. This built dams.
What was the AAA? What did it do? Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Regulated farm production and promoted soil conservation.
Define buying on margin. What problems arised from this? Buying on margin is paying part of the price of a stock and borrowing the rest. This was bad because the stock prices ent down, so the banks couldn't get their money back.
How did buisnesses/factories play a role in creating the Great Depression? They made too many products. The abundance of products made the prices drop sharply.
Why did many banks fail during the Great Depression? Many banks failed because they loaned out more of people's money than they should have and when people wouldn't pay back the loans, the bank would lose the money that people put inside of the banks.
Hoover started many work projects. Why did they fail? It was too little too late.
Why did people blame Hoover for their suffering? People blamed Hoover because unemployment, homelessness, and hunger grew and Hoover wasn't helping very much.
What was the downfall of buying on credit? Debt would grow.
What happened on October 23, 1929? Why did it happen? Prices for stocks dropped sharply because everybody wanted to sell their stocks, making an abundance of stocks, thus lowering the prices.
How was the Great Depression different than other economic depressions? It was longer and caused more suffering.
How did FDR restore confidence in the banks? 3 ways and explain how they helped. Bank Holiday: closed banks so nobody could take out money for loans, making the bank lose more money. Only let banks in good shape reopen: only let banks in good shape reopen so that they don't lose money. Fireside chat:told people to put money in banks
What changes arised for women during the Great Depression? women had to give up their jobs to jobless men and they could only have or keep a job if their husbands had a job. They worked as servants and other low paying jobs.
How were minorities affected by the depression? They had difficulty finding jobs in the depression.
What changes were there to the Federal Government after the Great Depression? The federal government became directly responsible for the well beings of people,made relief payments, and ran a program providing pensions.
What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative? A liberal wanted more government control, while a conservative wanted less.
What hardships did families face cont. Families lost their homes, forcing them to find homes under bridges and in scrap neighbor hoods.
Created by: sa_fuchs