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Final Review

Which spanish explorer found the Southwestern United States? Coronado
Which spanish explorer found Florida? De Leon
Which spanish explorer travled along the Gulf coast of Texas? De Vaca
Which spanish explorer found the Pacific Ocean? Balboa
Which spanish explorer conquered Aztecs in Mexico? Cortes
Head quarters where missionaries lived and worked? Mission
Person who contracted to work for a master in exchange for passage to the new world? Indetured Servant
Certificate of permission Charter
A crop grown for sale Cash crop
Spanish fort presidio
Study of how people decided what, how and for whom goods and services are produced Economics
Study of peoples behavior in group Sociology
Study of how the brain works Psychology
Study of people and their form of government Political Science
Study of artifacts and culture Archeology
Spanish document read to Native Americans requiring them to give allegiances to the spanish crown and pope Requerimiento
Native american revolt against the Spanish in New mexico and their religous requiremnets Pueblo Revolt
The VIrginia colony survived largely because the english colonist? Began growing tobacco
Spain wanted to establish missions to? convert Native Americans to Spanish religion and customs
Major economic activities of the spanish colonies? Minning Farming Ranching
A major goal of the encomienda system was to? Force Native Americans to work for Spanish colonict
What happened As result of Bacon's rebelion? Virginia population will except protection from the local government
why were the early years in jamestown full of hardship? Many settlers refused to work
What was the major cause of death among Native Americans? Smallpox Typhus Other diseases
The trade of goods between Europe and the Americans is known as? The columbian exchange
English explorers like cabot, frobisher, and hudson were searching for? Northwest passage
The immediate reason for Bacon's rebelion was? Indian attacks on frontier settlements
The Treaty of Tordesillas os 1494 settled? the dispute between spain and portugal over claims to the new world
What was Columbus searching for when he sailed from Spain? A western Route to the indies
The early years at jamestown were mainly characterized by? Starvatio Diease Frequent indian raids
Which of the following caused Jamestown's near failure? Swampy site choosen for setrtlement
The Spanish established outposts in the Southwest to? protect its trade routes
What is true about Columbus? He landedfirst in the Bahamas and set out on a search of gold
Why did the Spanish encourage settlement in florida? to safeguard spanish fleets with defensive bases
What where the three reasons that spanish settled the new world? Gold Glory God
Which statement summarizes the english crown's hope for Georgia? Georgia would be a buffer state between south carolina and Spanish florida
What was a colony's function under the mercantile system? to provide raw materrials
What was the North west passage? A water route across North America
Where did Virginia tobacco farmers move south into this colony looking for new land to plant their crops? North Carolina
Which three colonies were founded in an attempt to escape religious persecution? Massachusetts Pennsylvania Maryland
The Mayflower compact was in unique in the fact of what? Permitted all men to practice in making laws
The great Migration refers to a period when many seeking a relieffrom religious persecution settled in? Massachusetts
What happened in 1750 because the colonly was growing slowly the trustees of georgia? Allowed the importation of slaves
What most shapped the grpwth of New France? fur trade
The fundamental Orders considered the first constitution written in the english colonies was written for? Coneticut
What was the status of slavery in georgia when it was found? It was illegal and no free blacks were permitted
Thomas hooker fled the Massachusetts Bay Colony and foundwd hartford _______? Connecticut
Quakers believed that? All people were equal
Britian did not want the colonies to manufacture goods because? It wanted the profit from selling manufactured goods to colonies
The British policy of salutary neglect? Allowed the colonies economic freedom
The Virginia colony survived largely because the english colonist what? Began growing tobacco for sale
The first permatent English settlement in North america was? Jamestown
The duke of York gave two friends some of his land. What was the name of the two seperate lands that eventually became one? New Jersey
Lord Boltimore founded Maryland as haven for? Roman catholics
The first Europeans to settle new York were? the dutch
England prized North America colonies because? They supplied England with food and raw materials and bought English goods
The population of the middle colonies was known for its? Diversity
The puritans migrated to New England to? Escape religious persecution
the desire in the colonies to increase the production of ftaple crops like tobacco and rice led to? an increase in the number of slaves brought from Africa
The house of Burgesses was established as the governing body for? Virginia
Pennsylvania was founded as a haven for? Quakers
Why did the English drive the dutch from New York? England envied New York's prosprity under the dutch
The pilgram settlement was at? Plymouth
why did the colonies gain extensive freedom in self-governing in the 1700s? Britain declined to interfere in colonial political affairs
This colony was created by king charles II for a group of his aristocratic friends? South Carolina
which of the following caused Jamestown's near failure? The swammpy site choosen for settlement
Maryland's act of toleration ws the first document in the english colonies to? grant freeom of worship to all christains
How did the rapid spread of english settlements affect native americans? It threatened their way of life
Rice and Indigo Southern colonies
Commerce within colonies Middle colonies
Tobacco Southern colonies
Ship supplies Southern colonies
grain Middle colonies
Fishing and whaling New England Colonies
Large scale ship building New England Colonies
Which colonial region was most active in promoting public education? The New England Colonies
Ministers were held in high esteem but were not wealth. What social class were they classed as? Better sort
from this school, young men went to Harvard to become ministers? Latin School
which one if the following helped the colonial legislatures come o dominate colonial government? The legislature set the salaries for the government
What crops used the most slave labor at the time of the American revolution? Rice and tobacco
Politics in America was dominated by? White male land owners
In colonial America married women were? Legally dependent on their husbands
Women's main contribution to the colonial household was to? Keep the household operating
The main reason so many Africans died during the Middle passage was that? crowded and unsanitary conditions led to diseases
The experiences of Africans living in the colonies were? Varied depending on where they lived
Because of the limited contact with the colonist, African's in the south carolina and georgia were able to? Preserve their African traditions
Enslaved people in the new england and middle colonies worked in a variety of jobs because the two regions had? a diverse economy
slave rebellions in the colonies were a result of? Harsh laws controlling African's activities
in the beginning mail is brought once a month to the inns and the postage will be paid by who? the receiver
Who where the religiously intolerant of the other religious groups living in the settlements? Puritains
What church was the offical church of the Southern Colonies? Anglican
Who acted as the advisors tot the colonial governor and acted as the Court of appeals? Council
What where the first roads that were used to transport logs from the forest to the sea called? Mast roads
Many amputations and tooth extractions in the colonial times were completed by who? Blacksmith
where were Males of the wealthy landowners often sent to Europe for college? Southern Colonies
As roads improved what became another mean of transportation? Stage Coaches
Who's job was it to relay the latest news to all within earshot? town crier
in what type of colonies where the governor, council, and lower house elected? Charter
In what colonies were the governor was appointed by the king of england? Royal colonies
a two year program held at the home of the teacher to learn basic reading and writting was called what? Dame schools
Unlike southern colonies, New england weddings were held where? Churches
During colonial times roads did not exist initially, so settlements, farmers, and plantations were set up along where? water
to cut off from outside contact blockade
steady increase in prices over time inflation
selling scarce items at unreasonably high prices profiteering
Person killed wounded or missing in battle? casualty
Foreign soldiers who fought for pay mercenary
The British decided to abandon Boston when? patriots began shelling british ships and forces
What was a major advantage of the american side in the revolutionary war? patriot forces were fighting on their own terriotory
Led the Green Mountain boys and captured fort ticonderoga? Ethan allen
According to the treaty of paris the new united states would control? all the land from new england to the mississippi river and north of the great lake
The royal governor of virginia? promised freedom to slaves who would bear arms for the king
the fall of fort ticonderoga was important because? Americans needed the artillery and ammunition captured there
Washington's victory at Yorktown was partically guaranteed by? the arrival of the french fleet to block Cornwallis' escape by sea
One of the biggest problems facing Washington and his troops was? Lack of food, clothing, and millitary supplies
One effect of the american revolution was? the spread of the idea of libertary and equality
The british strategy for the battle over New York was? The british hoped a strong show of force and intimidation would bring the Americans to surrender
For the revolution to be a success, Americans not only had to achieve a military victory, they also had to? win recongnition and help from france
The battls of trenron and princeton were important because they? boosted patriot morale
The americans won the revolutionary war mainly because They had the determination to outlast the british
The revolutionary was began with the? Battles of lexington and concord
The results of the battle of saratoga? Convinced the french to ally themselves with the Americans
In their attitudes toward the Revolutionary war, John Adams estimated that the colonist were split? One third Patriots, one third loyalist and one third neutral
The hessians were? German mercenary troops recruited by the british
the battle of york town resulted in? the sign of the treaty of paris
The phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," as found in the decleration of independence refers to? Specific inalienable rights
Colonist respond to the townshend act by? Boycotting british goods
Native americans moved westward as a result of? Colonial migration westward
With an increasing population, the british colonist faced? shortage of land
religious leaders initiated a religious revival in the early 1700s because they belived that? Protestant theology was to complex
The british government decided to tax the American colonies, why? To pay war debts
One consequence of the french and indian war was that? the colonies began to see themself as different from the british colonies
The sugar act and stamp act are examples of what? British tried to raise money for the colonies
In the pamphlet common sense the author argues that the colonies should? break their ties with britian
The coloniests protested the Stamp act because they believed in? no taxation without representation
The first contenental congress voted to? Call for the formation of colonie militais
The great awakening is best described as? A series of religious revivals in the british colonies
the introduction to the Decleration of Independence is sometimes called? preamble
A dirct result of the Intolerable acts was the? calling together to the first continental congress
Native Americans took advantage of the rivalry between? The britsh and the french
The cause of the French and Indian Was was? France and britain's competing claims over land
in the early 1750s, colonist in western Pennsylvania and virginia competed with the native Americans and French for control of? the forks of the Ohio river
As a result of the french and indian war,? France turned Canada over to britain
The french and indian war led to? a weakingof colonila loyatly to britain
Which came first Olive Branch Petition or the Sugar act? Sugar act
the most efective form of protest usedby the colonist was? boycotts of british goods
the prime minister grenville shifted from inderect taxation to direct tatxation with the? stamp act
The britsh government established the proclamation line of 1763 to? prevent another costly war which settlement could provoke with the native americans
with the passage of the tea act of 1773 parliament intenede to? Rescue the financially struggling east indian company
Ben franklin's idea of the albany plan of union? Was a failed atempt to bring the colonies together
Which came first Boston massacre or the boston tea party? boston massacre
How was the prime minister william pitt's handling of the french and indian war different from the way that previous british leaders handled wars in North America? He promoted the largest amount of money to be spent on the war in order to win
Which came first Lexington and Concord or the decleration of independence? Lexington and Concord
to surround an enemy in order to force its surrender? Siege
refusal to buy certaingoods as an act of protect boycott
document asking the king for peaceful settlement to the conflict between the colonies and britain Olive Branch petition
group of armed citizens who serve as soldiers militia
A native american uprising against the british in the Great Lakes Region Pontiac's rebelion
At the Philidelphia Convention, the delegates agreed to? draft a new constetutuion
When there is a separation of powers,? power is distributed among three independent branches of government
Which of the following was added to the constitution to help gain the support of the anti-fedralist? bill of rights
The antii-federalist argued against the constitution because they felt? it made the national government to string
The three-fifths compromise resolved the issue of what? How the enslaved people were to be counted in the population
How did the nationalists regard Shay's rebelion? as proof that only a strong government could prevent social disorder
The concurrent powers in the federal system of the government are those? held and exercised by both national and state governments
the main argument against the bill of rights was? there was no need for them
Why did some opposistion emerge to the constition and the new form of government proposed? Some claimed that it rejected many of the basic ideals of the american revolution
the system of checks and balances is designed to ensure that? No one branch of government will gain too much power
Which of the following was a weakness of the articles of confederation? there was no equal court system
why did the confederation government not survive the decade of postwar adjustments? It was too weak to solve the nations economic and social problems
Delegates to the constitutional convention were initially supposed to? amend the articles of confederation
A federal government is one which? power is divided between a central government and state governments
What was the main significance of the shay's rebelion? It revealed the inability of the weak central gvernment to maintain order
What was designed to ensure that the president that the president would not gain dictatorial powers over the government? he system of checks and balances
New Jersy plan called for congress to? with only a unicarmeral house where states had equal representation
The great compromise created a congress? that gave larger states a greater voice in the house of represenatatives and smaller states an equal voice in the senate
Following the issuing of the Decleration of independence, most americans wanted the power of government uder the articles of confederartion to be held ny? state governments
why was The fedralist was writen? to persude New York to support the constitution
James madison's virginia plan called for a congress? with represntationbased on population
The government set up by the Articles of confederation had? only a legislative branch consisting of a unicameral
What issue did the great compromise reslove? representation in the legislature
According to the great compromise the number of representatives in the senate would be? the same number for every state
Branch of government that interprates the law Judical
Guaranted freedom from a state-established church and freedom of worship virginia statues of religion
branch if government tht makes law Legislative
Princaple that legislative executive and judical branches would all have distinct areas of authority seperation of powers
Branch of government that executes the laws executive
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