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Great Depression

Why were farmers losing money in the Depression? -In the 1920's, they lost money because Europe was not buying food. Farmers lowered prices, and made more. Europe still didn't buy. -In the 1930's, farmers were suffering from the Dust Bowl, which killed many crops.
Name 3 Alphabet Soup programs, and their names -PWA: Public works Admin -TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority -CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps
Why did people blame Hoover for their suffering? He wasn't doing anything to help them
What is buying on margin? Paying a small amount of money to buy stock, then borrowing the rest from the bank.
When Hoover came up with some public works projects, why didn't they boost the economy? It was too little, too late.
Some of the farmers that suffered the dust bowl moved. Where would they go? To California
How did businesses and factories affect the economy? They made too many goods that nobody needed anymore.
What were the purposes if 3 new deal programs? TVA: planned the development of the Tennessee Valley region and built dams CCC: hired young men to plant trees, and build dams PWA: created jobs by having people do public works
What was the downfall of buying on credit? If you couldn't pay back the loan, the back takes back whatever you bought.
Created by: t_koo