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Great Depression

Social Studies

Why were farmers losing $ during the 1920's and 30's? Europe was not buying for any longer because WWI ended.
What hardships did families face during the Great Depression? 3 Examples... 1. No food 2. No jobs for adults 3. Teenagers felt bad and left home to find work.
Name 4 New Deal Programs. 1. TVA 2. FDIC 3. SSA 4. AAA
What did the TVA stand for? What was its purpose? How did it help? 1. Tenesse Valley Authority. 2. Planned development of the Tenesse Valley Region. 3. Control Flooding, Electricity through Dams, and more Jobs.
What did the FDIC stand for? What was its purpose? How did it help? 1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 2. Protected the $ or depositers in ensured banks. 3. $ IS PROTECTED!!!
What did the SSA stand for? What was its purpose? How did it help? 1. Social Security Act. 2. Provided workers with unemployed insurance and retirement benefits. 3. Retirement is an option, insurance, gave people $ in case they lost their job, young people can take old people's jobs.
What did the AAA stand for? What was its purpose? How did it help? 1. Agriculture Adjustment Administration. 2. Regulated farm production and promoted soil conservation. 3. Good farm production, protected soil, Farmers make less= prices go up, help prevent dust storms.
Define Buying on the Margin Borrowing $ from the bank to buy stocks.
Why was it bad? If you borrow $ from the bank to buy your stock and the stock goes down, the person who bought the stock cant repay the bank. When the bank tries to sell it, they sell it for less because the value of the stock went down, and the bank loses $.
How did Businesses/Factories have a role in the Great Depression. They were producing too much and if you produce too much then you sell your items for less, and if you sell your items for less, the economic circle slows.
Why did many banks fail in the Great Depression? 1. People withdrew everything from their accounts. 2. Buying on the Margin.
Hoover started Public Works Projects. They did not boost the economy. Why? They were too little, too late.
Why did many people blame Hoover for their suffering? 1. Because he didnt really do much to help. 2. Hoover believed that if he helped the people then they would become dependant on the the government.
What was a downfall of buying on credit? If the banks made too many loans, then if people wanted to withdraw their $, banks couldnt give them their $.
What happened on October 23, 1929? Why? 1. Black Tuesday. (The stock market crashed) 2. Everyone sold their stocks because they were really high, so prices plumetted because no one wanted to buy them.
How was the Great Depression different from any other depression in the past? It was felt round the globe.
How did FDR restore confidence in banks? 1 way. Explain how it helped. 1. Bank Holiday. (A temporary shutdown for all banks) This helped because no one could get $ out, which made people calm down.
2nd way FDR restored confidence in banks. Explain. 2. Only banks in good shape could open back up because if the bad banks opened up, then people would just withdraw their $ again.
3rd way FDR restored confidence in banks. Explain. 3. He went on the radio and said it was safer to... "Keep your $ in a reopened bank than under a mattress" This helped because people trusted the banks again.
What changes occurred to women during the Great Depression? The First Lady helped the poor, first female cabinet officer was elected, more women had a role in government than ever before.
How were minorities affected in the Great Depression? FDR's "Black Cabinet" FDR did not oppose an anti-lynching law because of fear of upsetting southern people.
What changes were there to the Federal Government after the great depression? The president has more power than it did back then.
What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative? Liberal: Favors more government action. Conservative: Favors less government action.
Created by: a_graham