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POL POT Lead the Khmer Rouge and began the dictator of the society. -Communist leader is cambodia in the late 70’s -Importance: There was a genocide while he was in power and over 3,000,000 were killed.
Civil Disobedience Peacefully disobeying laws that are seen unjust. Importance: People like Dr. King used it in order to promote racial equality.
Khmer Rouge The group that took over in Cambodia that Pol Pot was connected to. Wanted to make a classless society. - Importance: Began a mass genocide against Catholic Sympathizers
Elijah Muhammad Founder and Leader of the Nation of Islam Importance: Malcolm X was inspired by him wanting Racial Equality Inspired Malcolm X --> eventually had a falling out
Enemies List List compiled by the Nixon administration of people that were considered a threat to Nixon. Importance: Shows Nixon’s and his administrations Paranoia
Black Muslims Group lead by Malcolm X. ANother name for the nation of Islam. Importance: Malcolm X was a member at one time.
Plumbers The people that broke into Watergate (members of the CIA that were given instructions by Nixon) Importance: One of the orders they were given was to break into Watergate.
Olive North Was an individual that worked in security during the 1980’s Importance: Was an important figure in the Iran Contra-scandal.
Deep Throat An anonymous informant that tied the links between the watergate break in to the President and his administration. Importance: Without Deep Throat it would have taken that much longer for the public to find out the truth as to what happened.
Vietnamization Nixon’s attempt to withdraw troops from South Vietnam so that the South Vietnamese could maintain and control their own government against the Vietcong. Importance: Nixon’s policy for dealing with the Vietnam War.
Henry David Thoreau A writer in the 1800’s that talked about the value of civil disobedience. Importance: Played a role in the Civil Rights movement especially by Dr. King
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative. Project of a missile defense system by pointing a lazar at an incoming missile. Importance: Accelerated the downfall of the Soviet Union bringing an end to the Cold War.
Pre-Emption Attack the enemy before they have the chance to attack you. Importance: George W. Bush relied on this in the war in Iraq
Rogue States : A country that supports terrorism or that is developing weapons of mass destruction. Importance: In the Post Cold War they become one of the security threats towards the US.
Leo Strauss Political Science professor at the University of Chicago. Importance: Influenced a lot of the neo-conservatives within the Bush Administration.
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Council. Civil Rights Council. Importance: Promoted and lead by Dr. King and promoted non-violence
SAyyid Qutb : An islamic scholar in egypt that was very influential in the 50’s-60’s. Wanted to establish a new government more like Islam. Importance: Major influence on Islamic Extremest. AKA Osama Binladin.
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When people have flashbacks of traumatic events they had in the past and prevents them from having a normal life. Importance: Many Vietnam soldiers had this problem and kept them from developing a normal life style
Sandinistas Communist group in Nicaragua in the late 70’s and remained in power through much of the 80’s. Importance: The US sponsored a rebel group known as the contras in attempted to overthrow the Sandinistas. Was not as effective as they intended
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