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test on 12/13/12


Define Foreign policy to protect and preserve national interest
Explain the evolution of American foreign policy from the early to the late 19 century -changed from isolationist policy to imperialist policy -opened up borders -1812 to 1880s isolationist policy,stayed out of others problems -civil wars -now looking to expand interest and markets
Identify and explain the reasons for imperialism global competition started it lead to desire for military strength they ended up creating a stronger US Navy they also needed a place to sell the over production of goods that America could not use. also allowed more jobs belief in cultural superiority
Who was Alfred Thayer Mahan came up with large/Big Navy Policy- expand Navy mobile defense policy
Explain the Reasons for the purchase of Alaska to get the land from Russia also rich in timber,minerals and later on oil
Explain how Americans reacted to the purchase of Alaska? Many thought it was stupid because they thought that there was nothing up there a and that it was a icebox with nothing there
Who bought Alaska and from where William Seward bought Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars
Explain the annexation of Hawaii There was a tariff on imported goods so the sugar planters wanted to annex Hawaii so they didnt have to pay the tariff
Why was the annexation of Hawaii questionable
Explain what happened to Cuba before the Spanish American War war for independence revolution and the US had taken an interest in it
Explain the event that surrounded the U.S.S Maine tensions between Spain and U.S were high starvation of 100,000 Cubans due to the butcher General Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau stories fueled by yellow journalism
What was yellow journalism and how did editors use it. it was when stories were exaggerated to get the public to side with them, Joseph Pulitzer News paper owner gt in favor of US and Cuba
What are the reasons for the Spanish American war economic interests in Cuba and the Philippines yellow Journalism and the sinking of the USS Maine
Who was the president at the time of the Spanish American War and why did go to war President William McKinley, humanitarian reasons and the public wanted it was well
Where were the two places where fighting occured? Cuba and Philippines
Who was the American Hero who fought in Cuba and what was his major battle battle of San Juan Hill and T.R fought with the Rough Riders who where black
Who was the American hero who fought in the Philippines and what was the battle that he fought in George Dewey and Battle of Malia Bay
How long did the war last 113 days
what was the main cause of deaths malaria and yellow fever
What land did the US gain from the war Guam Puerto Rico and the Philippines
What were the problems that happened after the war? there was a 3 year revolt
Who was the man that fought the US Emilio Aguinaldo
What was the Teller Amendment stated that the US had no intention of taking over Cuba
What was the Platt Amendment Cuba could not make treaties that limit its independence or allow a foreign power to control any part of its land Us had the right to intervene could not go into debt that it couldn't repay-Us could buy or lease land for naval and refueling stations
What was the Foraker act ended military rule and set up a civil government in PR it also appointed its governor and members of the upper house of legislature
What is the sphere of influence ares where each nation could claim rights and economic privileges in China
Explain the Boxer Rebellion Chinas cities dominated by Europeans, Chinese resented them and created a secret group called the Boxers, they killed any foreigners,missionaries and those who had become Christian Troops from Europe and Asia came together with the US to stop the fighting
Explain how Teddy Roosevelt became president William McKinley was assassinated
What was Roosevelt's Corollary US would use force to protect its economic interests in Latin America
Explain how Roosevelt's Corollary was first used European powers were forcing themseleves into north america
Explain how the big stick policy use force when necessary sends out the navy
What is the Grand white fleet the new navy that America now has that Alfred mayer said e needed, sailed around the world
Identify what countries TR liked and why? He liked Japan British favored US
What country did he not like? He didn't like Germany-aggressive
Why did TR build the Panama Canal a passage way that cuts across Central America
How did the US gain the Panama Canal Britain gave it to them the rights to bulid and control the canal bought it form the french
What were the problems that were faced when buliding one was to long the other was to bumpy and had mountains and swamps
How were blacks discriminated? low pay cheap houses bad food and medication
What was the Dollar Diplomacy foreign policy that guarantee loans made by foreign countries by American business people
Canidates of the 1912 election woodrow wilsion, TR William Taft
who won and why? woodrow wilson because the rerublican spilt
what was the missionary dipolmacy supported whites man burden christiaize, bring dempcrocy to others Us had the right to deny and reconginiton of a latin america govt
Created by: isa.damico