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Describe the Old 300 A group of families that came to Texas with Moses Austin (and Stephen F Austin) to settle in Texas during the Mexican National Era
Who is MOses Austin? A man that came to get permission from Spain to help encourage settlement in te Texas area. He died before he could actually do it. The grandfather of Texas. This all happened during the Mexican National Era.
Who is Martin DeLeon and what group of people did he focus on when he was settling Texas? An Empresario that focused at first on Mexican citizens settling in Texs and the added others as well to his colony during the Mexican National Era.
When did Mexico win independence from Spain? 1821 and wrote their constitution in 1824.
When did Moses Austin ask Spain for permission to settle? Asked permission from Spain before Mexico won independence. So he has to come back and ask for permission from Mexico.
Who did Stephen F Austin and the empresarios ask to settle in Texas? They mostly asked Anglo citizens from the United States
When did Mexico write its constitution? 1824 and it was very similar to the United States Constitution but didn't give freedom of religion.
How did the Mexican constitution deal with religion? Wanted all people to declare Catholism as their religion. didn't give freedom to choose
Name 2 things that make 1821 important to Texas The year that Mexico got their independence and the year Stephen F Austin started settling 300 families in Texas
Who is Green Dewitt Second most successful emresario. founded the town of Gonzales and became rich in farming and ranching
Who is James Long? A filibuster that was pretty wealthy and was frustrated that Texas was given to the Spain in the Adams-Onis treaty. He came to Nacogdoches and declared Texas independent. He was shot in 1822
Who is Phillip Nolan? Filibuster, traded Mustangs and rumored to be an American spy against Spain.
What did Baron de Bastrop do for Moses Austin? He helped get Moses permission from Governor Martinez to settle families in Texas.
What did Erasimo Seguin do for Moses Austin? He helped in the time when Moses was getting permission to settle folks. He delivered the news to Moses that his wish was granted.
Describe the Battle of Medina? The Gutierrez-Magee army was defeated terribly but the desire for independence spread.
Why did the Spanish colonize Texas? To protect their territory they had claimed with the explorers using missions.
Why did the Anglos colonize Texas? Anglos were coming to Texas to get cheap land, a anew start and to escape debt and a crowded United States.
Why did the Mexicans colonize Texas? Mexicans colonized Texas to increase the population.
name reasons why someone would move to Texas in the 1820s? Escape a crowded United States, escape debt, start a new life and get cheap land. And the Mexican constitution seemed similar to the United States constitution.
Where did most settlers settle in Texas? Along rivers in the coastal plains area.
Who is Father Hidalgo? A Spanish priest that felt Spain was mistreating its lower class citizens and spoke out the Cry of delores to spur others on to fight for Independence.
Who is Iturbide and who would be on his side? A military man in Spain that saw an opportunity to fight for Mexican Indepencence. He fought for Mexicans mistreated by Spain (but left out the lower clas when making the classes equal.)
What did Haden Edwards do? he was mean and moved in to the Piney Woods area and started a rebellion to Make Texas Independent and called Fredonia.
Tell about some things the colonization laws required Be Christian, act morally and have good habits
How did the view of slavery change in the colonizaiton laws from 1821 to 1825 in 1821, new settlers got extra land for owning slaves and in 1825 they no longer recevived extra land for owning slaves.
What is the name of this era? Mexican National Era - a time when Mexico becomes a nation and starts to colonize Texas and write its constitution.
Created by: PeytonWood