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Hist 130 Final

Hist 130 Fall 2012

How does Zinn characterize post-1960’s activism? NOTHING as strong as the 60's and 70's were.
How did Jimmy Carter present himself to the voters during the 1976 presidential campaign? Values, Honesty, eliminate secrecy in government; ordinary guy
How did the U.S. acquire the Panama Canal, and why were people inflamed that Carter wanted to hand it over to the Panamanians? Colombia rejected U.S. building plans
How could Ronald Reagan argue that Carter “lost” or gave away” the canal? Attacked by Republicans; scared of foreign aggression; Escobar doesn't want U.S. to intervene
Why would the American people care? Panama was a great defeat/Trading interrupted
How did Carter handle the twin crises of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the seizing of American hostages by Iranian radicals in Iran? Boycotted Olympics from the Russians // Nothing was really done.
How did this impact his presidency and affect the mood of Americans? Glad to boycott // upset with the lack of hostage initiative
What is a multinational? Coporation or enterprise with production, etc in other countries
Why would an American president support a military junta over a peasant rebellion? Countries had important security and foreign policy interests
What was the “Miracle on Ice”? USA defeat Russians
What factors made it such an important event for both the U.S. and the Soviet Union in February, 1980? Boost in American confidence
How did Ronald Reagan represent a “morning in America” to many Americans in 1980? New, revival! Put the 'Merica back in America
What were Reagan and the first George Bush’s lasting legacies? Political abuse
What did the Supreme Court accomplish during the Reagan-Bush era? More conservative judges, African-American, Female, Challenged abortion rights, Conservative majority
What was the significance of Reagan’s firing the striking air traffic controllers? Showed seriousness, weakened unions
What were Reagan’s tax cuts? Lowered taxes on the rich - "trickle down" - Lowered business taxes
What was “Reaganomics”? Assault on federal taxes, social welfare spending, and regulatory bureaucracy, increase defense spending, restore American leadership of world's Capitalist societies
What is “supply-side” economics? Emphasized need to increase investment in enterprises
What was Reagan’s rationale for his position on welfare? Opposed Nixon's reform; resisted increase in cost of living
What was Ragan’s attitude toward the Soviet Union? "Evil Empire" but homies with Gorby
How did Reagan’s relationship with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev affect U.S.-Soviet relations? Working to eliminate nuclear weapons
How did Reagan and Gorbachev’s views on their nuclear arsenals change during the 1980’s? Self explanatory.
How did the economic plight of blacks during the 1980’s testify to the enduring nature of racism? Still felt rejected by society
What was “Star Wars”? Reagan's missile fight
Why did the U.S. invade Caribbean countries during the Carter-Reagan-Bush years? Trying to protect U.S. interests instead of going in diplomatically. Industrial military complex --> Nicaragua for contras
Why did the first President Bush take the U.S. to war against Iraq in 1991? They invaded Kuwait - Oil control
Did the American public support the war? Yes
How did the media’s role during Desert Storm differ from its role during the Vietnam War?
Why didn’t the U.S. government remove Saddam Hussein from power in 1991? He was anti-Iranian - - wasn't geared toward oil
How does Zinn define the “Vietnam Syndrome”? Distrust government and wars
How might his definition differ from the first President Bush’s or Colin Powell’s definition?
How did Saddam Hussein “save” the first President Bush’s administration from the “peace dividend”? Excuse to go to war
Why did Clinton bomb Baghdad, Iraq? Thought they had leaders; wanted the upper hand
How did the columnist Molly Ivins assess the bombing? The bombing, "Fit the definition of terrorism."
How did Clinton “control” Saddam Hussein during the 1990’s? Handled the Iraqi regime
How did Clinton’s actions as president belie his claim to be “liberal”? Drove conservatives to the right, very centrist, cut welfare and social systems to spend more on defense -- very conservative
What happened at Waco, Texas, and how did the Clinton administration handle it? Hostage situation // Poorly handled
Who was Newt Gingrich and what was the “Contract with America”? Speaker of the House; he wanted a tax and budget cut
How did it challenge Clinton’s agenda? Weakened him politically - revival of credit
Why did Timothy McVeigh bomb the Murrah building in Oklahoma City? Thougt the federal government was too strong and hated it - Mad about Waco
Why was domestic terrorism a big issue during the Clinton years? Islamic terrorists and McVeigh
What did the film “Hate.com” reveal about the issue of domestic terrorism in the 90’s?
What foreign policy issues were paramount to Clinton? Only wanted to benefit America
Why did he authorize military force in Serbia and Kosovo, as well as Somalia? NATO protecting the Albanians in Serbia
What were the results of these interventions? SUCCESS!
Why did the U.S. support regimes in China, Indonesia, and Russia but continue to demonize Castro in Cuba? Economic markets in Cuba and not nearly as bad as China
What is the purpose of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)? Open trade between MX and Canada, reduce terrorism, but loss of jobs because of new, cheap Mexican labor
Why was Clinton impeached? Perjury and obstruction of justic
Who was Ken Starr and what was the “Starr Report”? Journalist reported on affair
Who was Monica Lewinsky? White house intern; Mistress
What were GWB'S accomplishments domestically and internationally? Cut taxes, limited regulatory action of federal agencies, power -> state governments and appointed conservative judges, and increased taxes (against campaign
What was his response to the corporate scandals (Enron, et al) that broke out early in his presidency? Ignored his biggest campaign supporter
What was Bush’s’s tax policy? At first, "no new taxes," -> large deficit, budget deficits = increase in taxes
How did Bush react to the terrorist attack of 9/11? No immediate response
Why did he decide to go to war against Afghanistan immediately after 9/11? Wanted to rid Afghanistan of Al Queda
Why did the Bush administration decide to go to war against Iraq? Oil, democracy, security , weapons
How was the Iraq war sold to the American public? We THOUGHT they had: WMD and Al Queda terrorists
How did Bush and his administration begin to lose the trust of the majority of the public regarding the war? LIED to the public
What were the key decisions by the Bush administration that led to the failures in Iraq? Intel, lack of debate concerning options, insufficient force, poor post-war plan
What is the “Axis of Evil”? Iraq, Iran, and North Korea (COMMIE BASTARDS!)
What are WMD? Weapons of Mass Destruction ;)
How did they become a problem for the Bush administration? We kept assuming that other countries had them
How did events at Abu Ghraib affect Bush’s “war on terror”? Severe torture by Americans // Human rights activists = MAD >:[
Why was Bush criticized for his handling of the Hurricane Katrina situation? Poor crisis management, slow response, never actually went to Orleans
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