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V Presidents Roles

President as the head of the government or the United States, symbol of the people Chief of State
President as vested with power of the United States. Chief Executive
Head of the federal government. Chief Administrator
The main architect of foreign policy and spokesman to other countries. Chief Diplomat
In charge of the nation's armed forces. Commander in Chief
Leader of the Democrats or Republicans. Chief of Party
Working for public interest. Chief Citizen
Manner in which a vacancy in the presidency is to be filled. Presidential Succession
Person elected by the voters to represent them in making a formal selection to the President and Vice President. Presidential Elector
Group of persons chosen in each State and the District of Columbia every four years. Electoral College
Choose some or all of a state party organizations delegates to that party's national convention. Presidential Primary
Almost obsolete system where by the presidential aspirant who leads the preference vote in a primary automatically. Winner-take-all
Speech given at a party convention to set the tone for the convention and the campaign to come. Keynote Address
Written declaration of the principles and policy position of a political party. Platform
All of the persons entitled to vote in a given election. Electorate
3 qualifications to become president. Live in US for 14 years; 35 years of age; natural born citizen
To excuse a federal criminal from punishment Pardon
The postponement of carrying out of a sentence Reprieve
To reject legislation Veto
To reduce the length of a criminal sentence or the amount of a fine Commute
President as head of the military Commander-in-Chief
To choose cabinet members and federal judges Appointement
To fire any members of his cabinet Removal
An emergency meeting of Congress called by the President Special Session
A presidential directive which carries the force of law Executive Order
To recognize a foreign government as legitamate Recognition
The number of electors in the electoral college 538
This caucus kicks of the Presidential election year Iowa Primary
This is the main speech that sets the tone at a national convention Keynote Address
Jus Soil means of the soil
Presidents annual salary 400,000
Main job of the Secret Service Protect the President
Main purpose of line item veto eliminate riders
Only president to have line item veto power Bill Clinton
Wars power Resolution Act of 1973 President can commit troops for 30 days 60 days to bring home
The purchase of this territory helped expand presidential power Louissianna Purchase
Presidential Elections The first tuesday after the first monday in november every even 4 years
States that the president can only server a maximum of 10 years 22nd Amendment
Number of electors needed to win the presidential election 270
Can the President fire any official he want No
The President can commit troops for 90 days
Presidential powers are under this Article Article II
This is the name of the Presidents Airplane Air Force One
The Secret Service is under this department Homeland Security
Only President never elected Gerald Ford
Presidential term beings January 20, at noon on odd years
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