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Industrial Rev


What major event led to food surplus in Great Britian in the early 1700s? Agriculture Rev'n
What 3 major advancments took place during the Agriculture Rev'n crop rotation, invention of farm machinery, & improved mass breeding practice of live stock
this event in the mid 1700's marked the decline in the need for hand (muscle) power and increased the demand for machine power, this creating factories? The Industrial Revolution
What dose rural-urban-migration mean? rural=farmland urban=city migration=movment
What is the enclosure movment? when the rich buy up small farms to make 1 large farm foe mass production
What was the reason for women and child labor? men charged more than the women an children
what are tenements? appartment buildings for the factory workers
What were the factory conditions like? not good the were very dangorous an dirty
what dose the word laissez-fair mean? LAZY GOVERMENT
what were the conditions like for the poor people to live in the tenemnet buildings? very poor dirty cramped together
what was the cause of decline of the cottage industry? when machines were coming out people didnt have to hand make every thing
What are the conditions like for the the suburan people? very nice grass sunlight just a nice place to live
what classes went to the business district? lower middle an upper all shared one business district
what class lived in the urban area? the lower poor dirty class
what lead to mass production? FOOD SURPLUS
Great Britian had a bad goverment why? great britian belived in laissez-fair witch means lazy gov they just sat back an did nothing because they was gettin money
What was it like doin labor for the goverment? low wages dangourous tyering
Great Britians land/recourses? great britian had to get almost everything they needed shiped to them
What are some negitive consequences from the industrial rev? change some people didnt like that everything was changing
What are some positive consequences from the industrial rev? new technolgy MACHINES
What was the cause for infant mortality deaths? new diseases
What were the wages for men women and children? MEN=22-26>8 SHINLINGS FEMALE=22-26>17 SHILINGS CHILDREN 11-16>4 SHILINGS
What is urbanization? growth of citys
What is the industrial rev? movement from muscle power to MACHINE power
Waht are factors of production? land labor an capital
What are factories? were men women an children work to make stuff for the rich owned by the gov
what caused rise of unions? men fighting for there jobs back bc they were fired from there jobs bc machines came out
what were the consquences for mass production? it was rotting
what is the agriculture rev? when they started to make machines an crop rotation
what are combination laws? The laws made it illegal for any workingman to combine with another to gain an increase in wages or a decrease in hours, to solicit anyone else to leave work, or to object to working with any other workman.
Created by: Cayla11
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