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2nd 9wks exam

A rate of government that is just a loose alliance of units in a country having equal power is... Confederation
When one leader, as a dictator, holds ALL the power in a government we call it a(n)... Autocracy
When a government is a small group of special class of people like the religious theocracy of the Sh'ia priests of Persian Iranians we call it a(n)... Oligarchy
When the legislature of law making branch of government chooses head of state as prime minister who is leader of the country we call it a(n)... Parliamentary Democracy
the West African country with a traditional mixed economy, lots of oil, and over 250 ethnic groups and 300 languages is... Nigeria
Apartheid were racist segregation laws that kept apart whites from blacks who did get to vote, have an education, own property, and have access to good facilities were made by Boer (Dutch) and Afrikaners in the country with Africa's strongest economy... South Africa
Who became South Africa's first black president in 1991... Nelson Mandela
Pan-Africa's goal is to _______ like Zionism's goal for Jewish people... Unite Africans to solve problems on the continent
Kenya's government is a(n)... Presidential Republic
Which African Country has one of the world's cruelest Muslim dictators that allowed millions to be killed and whose southern half became a separate country... Sudan
a tariff, quota, sanctions.or embargo of business with a country is... Trade or Economic barriers
Kenya became free from colonization by this country in 1963 Great Brittan
when citizens have strong belief in their country we call it... Nationalism
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