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ch. 3

social studies

joint stock company a business in which investors pool their wealth in order ti turn a profit
charter was written contract, issued by a government, giving the right to establish a colony
jamestown The 1st permanent English settlement in North America
john smith a solider and adventurer that took control
indentured servant is a person who sold his or her labor in exchange for passes to America
house of burgesses the first representator assembly in the American colonies
pilgrims were a separatist group
mayflower compact an agreement established by the men who sailed to America on the Mayflower,ich called for laws for the good of the colony and set forth the idea of self-government
puritans left England to escape bad treatment by King James I
propietary colony a colony with a single owner
William Penn a large land owner in America
quakers a person who believed all people should live in peace and harmony accepted different religions and ethnic groups
royal colony a colony ruled by governors appointed by a King
James Oglethorpe founded Georgia as a refuge for debtors
roanoke the first colony in America but it was unsuccessful
fundamental orders of Connecticut as set of laws that were established in 1639 by a puritan congregation who had settled in a Connectticut valley and that expanded the idea of representative government
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