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South Reconstruction


amnesty a group pardon
freedmen enslaved people who were freed by the war
black codes new laws the south used to control African Americans
John Wilkes Booth From Maryland,shot Lincoln
Andrew Johnson Lincoln's VP, became President after assassanation
thirteenth amendment banned both slavery and forced labor
fourteenth amendment all people born pr naturalized in the US is a citizen
civil rights act granted citizenship of African Americans and guarenteed civil rights to all people but Natives
re construction act removed governments of southern states that didnt rarify the fourteentch amendment
hiram revels and blanche bruce African Americans who served in Senate
scalawags southern whites who opposed secession
carpetbaggers a name given by southerners to northern whites who went south to start businesses or pursure political office
impeachment bringing of formal charges agaist a public office
Ulysses S. Grant war hearo, won presidential election for republicans
fifteenth amendment barred all states from denying African American males the right to vote
Ku Klux Klan secret society, voter intimidation towards African Americans, wore white hoods and terrorized blacks and white republicans
Ku Klux Klan Act barred use of force against voters
Rutherford B. Hayes Republican candidate for presidential election in 1876, ended reconstruction in south
Samuel J. Tilden Democratic candidate for presidential election in 1876
sharecropper a laborer who works the land for a farmer in exchange for a share of the value of the crop
poll tax personal tax to be paid before voting
literacy test a test to see if a person can read or write
grandfather clause allowed a voter to avoid a literacy test if his father/grandfather was eligible to vote Jan. 1, 1867
segregation enforced seperation of races
Jim Crow laws laws made by southerners to prevent African American equality
Homer Plessy arrested for sitting in a coach marked for whites only
sperate but equal sperate facilities as long as they were equal
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