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American (1)

American Government Final

Oldest state constitution and still used today Massachusetts.
Benjamin Franklin said this about the final constitution of the framers. As near perfect as possible.
Directly influenced framers in the constitution. Articles of Confederation
Not an example of Checks and Balances President making an executive agreement.
Enabling Act Allowed any state requiring statehood to prepare a constitution.
From the states P.O.V. what advantage did the revenue sharing. Fewer restrictions on how money could be spent.
Membership in either of the two major parties is based on.... Personal choice
Sign of party weakness (voting) Split Ticket Voting
Which group supports the democrats Union Members
People with no sense of political efficacy feel that. any choice they make will have no effect.
Voters are asked to complete election ballots in all ways except. raising hand at meeting
Encourage straight ticket voting Party Column
Public opinion is made known through all ways except... Peer Groups.
Public Affairs events that concern all or most of the members.
Trade Associations usually represent Business Community
Pressure groups operate where? At all levels of government.
Gibbons Vs. Ogden explained which power? Commerce
Congress shares foreign relations power with President
committee chairperson is usually chosen by what? seniority
in order to prevent a bill from being passed president may... refuse to sign or take a veto.
in both houses standing committee is headed by.... headed by members chosen from seniority
If president becomes injured the way that the vp is determined next in line is by 25th amendment
If the incumbent president is seeking another term in office his/her party will most likely nominate the president
According to presidential succession act whose in line after VP? Speaker of the house
President may resume duties after illness after ... being evaluated by congress
The order of president to VPis determined by.... Presidential Succession Act
First and most widely publicized caucus today.... IOWA
The framers of the constitution called for body of electors
Who does president share his military powers with? Congress
Presidents power to grant pardons can be used before being charged of a crime.
what is the most important reason why U.S> needs a court system. Each state interpreted law for itself.
Not a reason for growth of Exe. power. Demands for limits on federal land and gov't areas.
Federal Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all types of cases.
w/o freedom of expresion democracy wouldn't exist
argument for gov't control of assemblies. duty of gov't to protect public
Exclusionary Rule... deter police misconduct
most accurate to describe minority... reluctance to accept
1 way a person cant become a citizen of the u.s. illegally crossing the border.
De Jure Segregation result of either laws or either gov't actions
Planning method for a city. Zoning
U.S. Constitution reserves to the states powers not delegated hold great number of powers
found in the 14 amendment Due Process Clause
Created by: Swole Jr.
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