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8th Ch 1 US Hist Ex

8th US History Mid Term Study Guide Ch 1

Who built the first pyramids in the Americas and built large stone statues with giant heads? Olmec
Who built large canals? Maya
Who were great warriors who believed in human sacrifices? Aztec
Who had a strong central government and an advanced system of highways to serve the 12 million people? Inca
Who was the North American Society who lived in cliff dwellings for protection from invaders? Anasazi
These were tall woodden poles carved with images of ancestors, animal spirits, and important events? Totems
Who became the most powerful Native American societies because they formed a league, a confederation or alliance that was an early form of government? Iroquois
Where was the center for trade in Africa because of the the salt and gold? Ghana
Who spread Islam throughout West Africa because he travelled on a pilgramage to Mecca and spread his religion and wealth to others? Mansa Musa
Why did the West Africans participate in the slave trade? Because they could trade slaves for valuable goods from Europe.
Who was the great teacher who wanted people to think and question their own beliefs? Socrates
Who wrote The Republic, which describes an ideal society based on justice and fairness for everyone? Plato
Who taught that people should base their lives on reason, or clear and ordered thinking? Aristotle
The first Greek city state to establish Democracy (government by the people) Athens
In this, all citizens participate in government Direct democracy
Where did we get the three part government, term limits for elected officials, written laws that were displayed for the public, the concept of "innocent before proven guilty," and equality of everyone before the law? Roman law
What increased trade with Asia, because the Europeans were exposed to things, like Asian spices and silks, for the first time? The Crusades
Knights ere given land in exchange for military service Feudalism
What spread throughout Europe from diseased rats infected with the plaque? The Black Death
Where did the Renaissance begin? Italy
Who was the famous renaissance artist and sculptor? Michelangelo
Who was an artist, sculptor, as well as an inventor, engineer and a mapmaker. Leonardo Da Vinci
Created by: shirleyalford