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Urbanization & Immigration

What was the growth of cities called? Urbanization
Cities expanded outward from industrial centers and business districts suburbs
C. The “first stop” for many immigrants arriving in New York Ellis Island
A large number of immigrants entered the US from 1880-1921 because there were none of these. quotas
Most immigrants during this time came from here Europe
This group of immigrants were mostly protestant, skilled and from Northern and Western Europe Old immigrants
This group was mostly Jewish or Catholic, unskilled, and from Southern and Eastern Europe. New immigrants
Poorly built, overcrowded, dirty apartment buildings tenements
2/3 of immigrants settled in ethnic neighborhoods called __________________ enclaves
Native-born Americans expressed fear, suspicion and hostility towards new immigrants Nativism
These were created to give workers more rights unions
When union demands were not met, workers often did this. strike
The Knights of Labor as well as this group were an example of a union American Federation of Labor
Mining used _____________ because they could get into small cramped spaces easily. child labor
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