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Kendall - Boston Tea Party

What did British merchants try to import loads of into the city? tea
What did the Boston citizens refuse the officials do? unload the tea boats
Who were the group of men disguised as when they climbed aboard the ship? Mohawks
How many tons of tea did the colonists dump into the Boston Harbor? 45 tons
How much money was the ruined tea worth before it was thrown into the harbor? almost 1 million dollars
Who was the group's most famous participant? Paul Revere
What was Britain's response to the Boston Tea Party? The Intolerable Acts
What did the Intolerable Acts strip from the colonists of Massachusetts? all governmental rights
What happened to the Boston Harbor after the Boston Tea Party? the use of the harbor was outlawed
How long were British soldiers allowed to live in the colonists homes? indefinitely
Who went to Philadelphia for the 1st Continental Congress? Representatives from 12 colonies
What happened at the 1st Continental Congress? a fierce debate about to get the British to change their taxation policies
What was created at the 1st Continental Congress and where was it sent? a new Declaration of Rights was sent to King George III
What did the colonists reject? British legislation and claimed the right to govern themselves
What was the British reaction to the new Declaration of Rights? they denied their request
What city did the British troops march out of when they started towards the town of Lexington? Boston
What were the British marching to Lexington? to seize a colonist stockpile of ammunition
Who made the famous ride to warn the people of Lexington? Paul Revere
What were Paul Revere's famous words? "The British are coming, the British are coming!"
Who attacked the British soldiers when they marched to Lexington? local militia men
What was another name for the militia men? the "Minute Men"
Where did the British troops go after Lexington? Concord
What type of fighting style did the militia men use against the British soldiers? guerrilla warfare tactics
What are guerrilla warfare tactics? springing sneak attacks from hiding behind trees and stone walls
What did the shots fired in the towns of Concord and Lexington become known as? The Shot Heard Round the World
When the soldiers returned to Boston where did they have to make their way past? Bunker Hill
What had the colonists done at Bunker Hill that made it difficult for the British? the dug trenches
Why was the battle difficult for the British at Bunker Hill? the British had to climb the hill to attack
Why did the militia leader yell for the troops not to shoot until they saw the whites of their eyes? they had a low supply of gun powder
How many men did the British lose at Bunker Hill? almost 1,000 men
How many men did the colonists lose at Bunker Hill? 450 men
What was made clear to the colonists as well as the British after the Battle of Bunker Hill? that the colonists could fight
Created by: ndmsteach