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FA history

House of Burgesses in Virginia, 1619, Representative government
Indentured Servant source of labor for growing tobacco, and it was good because people usually didnt live out the full contract
Bacon's Rebellion 1670s and it was the lower class versus the upper class
French and Indian War fought over land - 7 years war french shared the land but G.B. didn't Great Britain is now in debt
Stamp Act Direct tax to the people, 1765, leads to the revolution
American Revolution 1775-1781
Battle of Saratoga in upstate New York, it gives recognition to the Americans, and it leads to French allies
Siege of Yorktown In Virginia, Cornwallis is surrounded by George Washington on the land, and the French in the water.
Articles of Confederation 1. cannot raise an army 2. cannot levy taxes 3. only has legislative branch
Shay's Rebellion Western Massachusetts, under the articles of confederation, 1786, Farmers are being taxed then thrown in jail, Farmers rebel
Great Compromise Small states wanted equal representation, larger states want it based on population, compromise is a bicameral (senate) 1787
Washington's Farewell address stay out of permanent alliances with Europe, beware of the country being divided by different parties
federalists -north -industries -bank -tariffs
Democratic-Republicans -south -farms -no banks -no tariffs
Revolution of 1800 Election of Jefferson and Adams was the first peaceful transfer of power from one political party without violence.
How did Texas become a part of America? Rebelled against Mexico and became a country of its own after denied the annexation from the US
Why was there concern about its annexation? it would off set the balance of the senate.
what were the goals of President James K. Polk? What does Manifest destiny mean? Polk wanted land expansion. Protestant White people could use the land better than others could.
How did the Mexican war begin? The Mexican War began by the settlers in the northern territory of present day texas refused to remove slaves, after the rebellion there was a dispute over the border line. Nueces or Rio grande river.
What were the outcomes of the Mexican War? California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico --> Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago.
What were the Key elements of the Compromise of 1850? California became a free state. Utah and New Mexico became popular sovereignty for the south and there were harsher fugitive slave laws.
How did popular sovereignty in Kansas and Nebraska lead to tensions? Kansas and Nebraska Act Bleeding Kansas
Why was the Republican Party created? To stop the SPREAD of slavery.
Why were John Brown's Raid and Abraham Lincoln's election so difficult for the south to deal with? J.B. raid scared the southerners into thinking that there could possibly soon be a slave rebellion, and Lincoln said "a house divided against itself cannot stand."
When and where did the civil war begin/ Fort Sumter April 1861 and only a horse died.
what were the advantages and disadvantages of each side at the beginning of the CW? south had strong leaders north had population, industries, and a navy
What was Lincoln's main goal at the beginning of the CW? Maintain the Union
When and where were the Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville? FBurg December 1862, Chancellorsville May 1863. Confederacy won both battles.
What were Lee's goals at Gettysburg? To force the North to call for peace
Why is it considered a turning point in the conflict? Union won the battle and the confederates lost the majority of their leaders..soon leading to their downfall.
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