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À, de, both, neither

FREN 215

to like to aimer
to prefer to aimer mieux
to go aller
to count on, to expect to compter
to believe that croire
to wish to désirer
to have to devoir
to hear entendre
to send a person (s/thing) envoyer qn
to hope to espérer
to make a person (inf) faire (inf) qn, qch
must falloir
to imagine that s'imaginer
to let a person (inf) laisser (inf) qn, qch
to dare to oser
to appear to paraître
to think that penser
to be able to pouvoir
to prefer to préférer
to claim to, to mean to prétendre
to remember (participle) se rappeler
to look at, to watch (participle) regarder qn (inf)
to come back and (inf) revenir
to know how to savoir
to seem to sembler
to wish to souhaiter
to be better to valoir mieux
to come and (inf) venir
to see a person (participle) voir (inf) qn, qch
to want to vouloir
to begin to, to start commencer à (de)
to continue to, to go on continuer à (de)
to compel a person to forcer qn à (de)
to strive to s'efforcer à (de)
to compel a person to obliger qn à (de)
to help a person to aider qn à
to like to aimer (à)
to amuse oneself by (participle) s'amuser à
to apply oneself to (participle) s'appliquer à
to teach a person to apprendre à qn à
to manage, to succeed in (participle) arriver à
to expect to s'attendre à
to have a thing to (inf) avoir qch à (inf)
to limit oneself to (participle) se borner à
to seek to chercher à
to consent to consentir à
to consist in (participle) consister à
to persuade a person to décider qn à
to make up one's mind to se décider à
to encourage a person to encourager qn à
to tire oneself out (participle) se fatiguer à
to accustom a person to habituer qn à
to get, become used to (participle) se plaire à
to urge a person to pousser qn à
to make ready to se préparer à
to refuse to se refuser à
to give up (participle) renoncer à
to resign oneself to (participle) se résigner à
to succeed in (participle) réussir à
to be useful for (participle) servir à
to be slow in (participle) tarder à
to tend to tendre à
to be anxious to, to be keen on (participle) tenir à
to agree to accepter de
to accuse a person of (participle) accuser qn de
to finish (participle) achever de
(the question is) il s'agit de
to stop (participle) s'arrêter de
to wait until (clause) attendre de
to warn a pereson to avertir qn de
to feel like (participle) avoir envie de
to be afraid to avoir peur de
to blame a person for (participle) blâmer qn de
to cease, to stop (participle) cesser de
to ask a person to charger qn de
to order a person to commander à qn de
to advise a person to conseiller à qn de
to consent to, to be satisfied with (participle) se contenter de
to fear to, to be afraid to craindre de
to decide to décider de
to forbid a person to défendre à qn de
to ask a person to demander à qn de
to hasten to se dépêcher de
to tell a person to dire à qn de
to prevent a person from (participle) empêcher qn de
to be eager to s'empresser de
to undertake to entreprendre de
to try to essayer de
to be surprised at (participle) s'étonner de
to avoid (participle) éviter de
to apologize for (participle) s'excuser de
to do well to faire bien de
(had better) faire mieux de
to pretend to faire semblant de
to tire of (participle) se fatiguer de
to congratulate a person on (participle) féliciter qn de
to finish (participle) finir de
to pride oneself on (participle) se flatter de
to take care not to se garder de
to be indignant at (participle) s'indigner de
to prohibit a person from (participle) interdire à qn de
to swear to jurer de
narrowly to miss (participle) manquer de
to threaten a person with (participle) menacer qn de
to order a person to ordonner à qn de
to forget to oublier de
to forgive a person for (participle) pardonner à qn de
to talk to a person about parler à qn de
to allow a person to permettre à qn de
to persuade a person to persuader à qn de
to urge a person to presser qn de
to beg a person to prier qn de
to promise a person to promettre à qn de
to suggest to a person that proposer à qn de
to refuse to refuser de
to be sorry for (participle) regretter de
to rejoice at (participle) se réjouir de
to thank a person for (participle) remercier qn de
to blame a person for (participle) reprocher à qn de
to resolve, to decide to résoudre de
to run the risk of (participle) risquer de
to remember (participle) se souvenir de (participle)
to suspect a person of (participle) soupçonner qn de
to suggest to a person that suggérer à qn de
to beg a person to supplier qn de
to try, attempt to tâcher de, tenter de
I long to il me tarder de
to boast of se vanter de
to have just (past participle) venir de (present or imperfect indicative)
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