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World Hist

Civilizations of Africa

the movement from one country or reliogion to settle in another migration
a large group of central and southern Africans who speak related languages Bantu
an area of grassland with scattered trees and bushes savanna
a huge desert stretching across most of North Africa Sahara
accounts of the past that people pass down by word of mouth oral history
a groupof families who trace their same roots to the same ancestor clan
a king of mali in the 1300s mansa musa
the first west African kingdom based on gold and salt trades ghana
a rich kingdom of the west african savanna mali
a powerful kingdom of the west african kingdom songhai
the capital of a kingdom of the west african rain forest Ile-Ife
a kingdom of the west african rain forest benin
one of many trding cities on the east african center of trade kilwa
an important east african center of trade askum
a city that is also a seperate,independent state city-state
a bantu language with arabic words, spoken along the east african coast swahili
a powerful southeast african city great zimbabwe
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