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Chapt 12 8th SS

Study Guide for Chapter 12 Test, Creating America

A severe economic slump Depression
A right of the state to reject a federal law that it considers unconstitutional Doctrine of Nullification
1830 government act that required Native Americans in the Southeast to relocate in the west Indian Removal Act
Present day Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Nebraska into which Native Indians were moved under the Indian Removal Act Indian Territory
Political party formed by Andrew Jackson with the idea of spreading political power to all the people and ensuring majority rule Jacksonian Democrats
Financial crisis in which banks closed and the credit system collapsed Panic of 1837
Practice of the winning candidates giving government jobs to political backers or supporters Spoil System
1828 Law that raised the tariff on raw materials and manufactured goods Tariff of Abomination
The forced journey of the Cherokee Indians to the Indian Territory in which thousands of Cherokee died Trail of Tears
Political party organized in 1834 to oppose the policies of Andrew Jackson Whig Party
How did many people describe Andrew Jackson’s personality? Short tempered and very tough
Who won the popular vote by a plurality in 1824? Andrew Jackson
Because there was a no clear majority of electoral college votes in 1824, the House of Representatives chose the president. Who helped convince the House to elect John Quincy Adams? Henry Clay
Who won the election of 1824? John Quincy Adams
What were the three main issues in Andrew Jackson’s presidency? The National Bank, the Native American Policy, and States Rights
How did Jackson feel about the National Bank? He believed it favored the wealthy and hurt the average person.
What were the banks that Jackson sent funds in order to bankrupt the National Bank sometimes called? pet banks
What happened because of the “pet banks?” The value of American currency went down, causing inflation, and the American economy was ruined, resulting in the Panic of 1837.
Name the Five Civilized Tribes The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole.
How did the Cherokee attempt to assimilate into white society? They adopted white customs and dress, created their own system of writing, wrote a constitution patterned after the American Constitution, and many even converted to Christianity.
Why did some people want to move the Native Americans? White settlers wanted Native American lands to make more cotton plantations, or mine for gold discovered there.
What happened when the Supreme Court reviewed the Indian Removal Act? It was declared unconstitutional.
What was Andrew Jackson’s response? He ignored the ruling and sent troops to force Native Americans to move.
What happened because of the Indian Removal Act of 1830? 10’s of thousands of Native Americans were moved to the Indian Territory, with over 4,000 Cherokee Native Americans dying on the Trail of Tears.
What were the three main regions of the United States at this time? North, South, and West
Sectional disputes arose at this time because of these issues: Tariffs, slavery, and states rights
What did South Carolina do in response to the Tariff of Abominations? The state nullified the federal tariff, and threatened to secede.
State’s rights was important to the South because They believed the state, not the federal government, should decide matters like economic tariffs, and slavery.
Created by: judi829