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Chapter 26 BB

United Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Triple Alliance
What France, Great Britain became. Triple Entente
Was shot along with his wife. Franz Ferdinand
Killed Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Gavrilo Princip
A country that takes no side in a conflict. Neutral
Germany and Austria-Hungary made up one side, known as ___. Central Powers
Great Britain, France, Russia, and Serbia were known as ___. Allied Powers
The deadlock region in northern France because known as the ___. Western Front
Fighting from trenches. Trench Warfare
Nations fighting in World War 1 soon realized that winning this new type of war would require the use of all society's resources. Total War
Information designed to influence people's opinions, in order to encourage support of the war effort. Propaganda
Meant to solely kill or injure as many French soldiers as possible. Battle of Verdun
After months of fighting and nearly 200,000 casualties, the Allies gave up. ____ was a failure. Gallipli Campaign
The deliberate destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. Genocide
A small group sought to change life in Russia through revolution. Bolsheviks
A self proclaimed holy man and a healer whom many Russians viewed as corrupt and immortal. Grigory Rasputin
After Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. Marxism-Leninism
A top Bolshevik official, to negotiate for peace with Central Powers. Leon Trotsky
A plan that permitted same capitalist activity. New Economic Policy
Did not want to be involved in the huge conflict on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Woodrow Wilson
German submarines. U-boats
A secret message for German diplomat Author Zimmermann to officials in Mexico in which Germany proposed that Mexico attack the US. Zimmermann Note
Truce. Armistice
Plan for peace. Fourteen Points
Named after the the French Palace of Versailles, where the treaty signing took place. Treaty of Versailles
Organization of world governments en-vised in fourteen points. League of Nations
Territories to be ruled by European powers. Mandates
Favorited establishing a Jewish homeland. Balfour Declaration
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