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Lincoln, Johnson, Grant and Hayes

Withdrew the last federal troops from the South, ending Reconstruction Rutherford B. Hayes
Amendment which ended slavery 13th
Amendment which allowed African American men to vote 15th
Amendment which made African Americans citizens 14th
Law divided the Southern states into five military districts Reconstruction Acts of 1867
Laws which took away the rights of blacks in the South during the Reconstruction Era Black Codes
Number of votes needed to elect a president in the Electoral College majority--one over half
System which allowed a president to appoint to office his most loyal supporters Spoils System
System in which the best qualified people are placed in appointed offices Merit System
President who first used the Merit System Rutherford B. Hayes
Connected the east and the west in 1869 transcontinental railroad
House of Congress which impeaches a president House of Representatives
Meaning of to impeach To bring charges against
House of Congress which tries a president after he is impeached--they determine guilt or innocence Senate
Two American presidents who have been impeached==neither were found guilty Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
How electoral votes are determined for each state Equal to the total number of senators and representatives a state has
Least number of electoral votes per state Three
All presidents between 1861 and 1881 belonged to this political party Republican Party
Invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Purchased Alaska from Russia Secretary of State William Seward
What the United States paid for Alaska $7,200,000
Invented the light bulb Thomas Edison
Founded the Knights of Labor Uriah Stephens
The United States' first labor union Knights of Labor
Organized the Grange Oliver H. Kelly
Organization which helped teach farmers new agricultural methods The Grange
Proposed the 10% Plan Abraham Lincoln
The Electoral Commission's decision allowed him to win the Election of 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes
Won the presidency by one vote Rutherford B. Hayes
Was saved from being kicked out of the presidency by one vote Andrew Johnson
A split in the Republican Party helped him win the 1860 Election Abraham Lincoln
Reconstruction president who served two full terms Ulysses S. Grant
1872 Democratic candidate who died before Electoral College met Horace Greeley
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