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New Deal programs

Corporations, administrations, acts, commissions,

civilian conversation corps (CCC) Put young men aged 18-25 to work building roads, developing parks, planting trees and helping in soil erosion.
civil works administration (CWA) provide work in federal jobs during winter months, included building 40,000 schools and paying salaries of 50,000 rural school teachers
works progress administration (WPA) Quickly created jobs as many as possible from construction jobs to positions in symphony orchestras
Emergency Banking relief act (EBRA) FDR declared a "bank holiday" and authorized the treasury dept. To inspect the country's banks
National Recovery Administration (NRA) This organization was set up to settle disputes between employers and employees
Agriculture adjustment ACT (AAA) Federal government gave money for farmers to lower production, then taxed individuals, later declared unconstitutional by the supreme court.
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loaned money at low interest to homeowners who could not meet mortgage payments, this agency continues to furnish loans form home mortgages and repairs today
National labor relations act (Wagner Act) Defined unfair labor practices and established the NLRB to settle disputes between employers and employees.
Social Security Act Provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities.
Federal emergency's relief act Program funded with $500 million to provide direct relief for the needy, and to help states to provide aid to unemployment (clothes, food, etc)
Public works administration (PWA) Established codes of fair competition and voluntary guidelines for minimum wage and a 40 hour workweek
National Youth Administration (NYA) Provided job training for unemployment young people and part time jobs for needy students
Federal deposit insurance corporations Provided federal insurance of bank deposits up to $5,000, today accounts are protected up to $100,000.
Securities and exchanges commissions (SEC) Created by congress under the FSA to supervised the country's stock commission exchanges and eliminated dishonest practices.
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Developed the resources in a badly depressed region by building 20+ dams to provide flood control, hydroelectric power and other benefits, also provided jobs
Home Owners Loan corporations (HOLC) Created jobs on government projects including work on public housing, intended to increase worker's buying power and to stimulate economy
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