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study for End of Coarse exam

militarism nations of the world built up their militaries to take over smaller countries
alliance system countries begin to have secret alliances
imperialism countries used big militaries to conquer smaller nations to take their resources
nationalism citizens of smaller countries being controlled begin to fight for their independence; larger countries believed they were stronger than other nations
Franz Ferdinand Austria-Hungary's archduke who was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist; triggered World War I
neutrality U.S. didn't want to enter into foreign wars
Sussex Pledge Germany tells us that they will not sink U.S. ships with their submarines
Lusitania & Sussiex 2 ships that were sunk by Germans
U.S. shipping U.S. supplying Great Britain and with weapons and food more than Germany
Zimmerman telegram Germany offered Mexico land back they lost in the Mexican-American war if they allied with Germany against U.S.
U.S. declares war Germany opens up unrestricted subwarfare; we declare war
Schlieffen Plan Germany's attack plan
mechanized warfare improvements in weapons with 18th and 19th century tactics leads massive casualities
weapons used in World War 1 tanks, poison gas, flamethrowers, biplanes, mustard gas
communication during World War 1 telegraph
trench warfare rats, disease, trench foot, lice
African Americans got jobs in the military
Treaty of Versailles Germany takes blame for the war; Germany pays $33 billion in war reparations; Germany loses land, Poland is created
armistice an agreement to stop fighting
Big Four United States - Wilson; Italy - Orlando; Great Britain - George; France - Clemenceau
Espionage Act jailing anyone who talks out against U.S. war
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points peace plan peace plan to rebuild Germany
reparations Germany pays $33 billion in war reparations
war bonds government makes bonds for people to buy and get paid back
war industries bond responsible for war productions
Eddie Rickenbacker "Ace of Aces" fighter pilot fought red boron race car driver; 300 missions, 26 wins
propaganda form of yellow journalism; U.S. makes fliers, posters, movies, and songs exaggerating foreign enemies wrong doings
war production had to convert factories to make tanks and battleships instead of cars and cruise ships
ration we had to cut back on food to supply allies armies oversees
Alvin York conscience dojector, preacher, drunk, wild fighter - pinned down with only revolvers; kills 35 Germans and takes 187 prisoners with no bullets
George Creel leader of committee on public information which was responsible for convincing U.S. citizens to support the war
Selective Service Act creates draft to get U.S. soldiers to fight
food administration governmental agency responsible for making sure prices of food didn't go up during the war; taught people how to make victory gardens
No man's land area in between each side's trenches when both sides fight each other
convoy system ships began to travel in groups across the Atlantic Ocean for mutual denfense against submarines; greatly reduced the amount of ships that were sunk by the Germans
League of Nations one of Wilson's 14 points which created an organization where all countries have a membership and get together to argue about issues, rather than going to war
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