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History Final

Virginia economy production of tobacco
State was admitted to as a free state in 1850 to balance with Texas California
First state succeeded from union in 1861 South Carolina (I)
Pilgrims landed int this colony in 1600's Massachussetts (X)
Old NorthWest territory included 3 states Ohio(P), Indiana(F), Illinois(D)
Battle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Border States during Civil War Missouri(O), Delaware(R), Maryland(L)
Trail of tears Georgia(G)
Which state added to union in 180 as free state Maine(H)
Which is a state Representative Kansas(W)
Which state was the Alamo located Texas(Z)
Indentured Servants Landless farmers
Maryland set up as a haven for Catholics
Merchantalist Theory All of the above 1
England oversees colonies served in 17th & 18th Centuries as All ove the above 2
All important in England except Silk
First Press problem was Debt from french and indian war
Britian ------------------ Proclamation?
Colonel american leading commercial port was in Philadelphia
religious toleration for Catholics in Maryland George C.(lord Baltimore)
Mill colonies included all except Maine(D)
Of 12 million slaves in Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, how many were sent to Britian & North America 17%
Quakers believe All of the above 3
Stamp act was supposed to Redeem Debt in Britian
All were effects of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Except End the Slave Trade
Andrew Jackson was known for the VETO
Missouri COmpromise was to Preserve balance between slave ans free states
Slave Population by 1860 in US 4 million
Liberia Liberia
Spoil System Spoil System
Not a key principle in Bill Of Rights Provide Education
Republican Press Republican Press
Marbury VS Madison dealt with Judicial
Henry Clay and John C Calhoun party Warhogs
Underground Railroad helped about how many slaves 100,000 , One Hundred Thousand
Fugitive slave act did everything except ...Capture a slave by owner..
Senator Steven Douglass's Kansas Nebraske act in order to speed westward expansion
union man powr over confederacy was help was nutrition
Created by: Moota
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