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Chapter 21

Reform Movements that set were out to change government corruption and Abolish slavery.
Corruption When someone benefits from doing wrong?
Political Machines A powerful organizations that used Legal & Illegal methods to get their candidates Elected to public office in the late 1800.
progressives a group of reformers who worked to improve social and political problems in the late 1800s.
Muckrakers a term coined for journalists who "raked up"and exposed corruption and problems of society.( They worked to eliminate problems like crime, disease, and poverty)
William Marcy Tweed Was the boss of Tammy Hall and May have stolen up to $200 million from the city.
Tammany Hall Was one of the most notorius political machines that awareded its supporters about 12,000 jobs.
spoils system This was the practice of giving jobs to the winning candidates supporters.
National American Woman Suffrage Association was founded in 1890 to promote the cause of women's suffrage.
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire And similar accidents led to passage of laws improving factory safety standars.
Workers Compensation Law Which guaranteed a portion of lost wages to workers injured on the job.
Eighteenth Amendment a constitutional amendment that outlawed the productionvand sale of alcholic beverages in the United States;repealed in 1933.
Nineteenth Admentment a constitutional amendment that gave women the vote.
Theodore Roosevelt took office.
Pure Food and Drug Act This law prohibited the manufacture,sale,and transport of mislabeled or contaminated food and drugs.
Alice Paul founded what would become the Nationl Woman's Party {NWP}.
Pendleton Civil Service Act More than 10percent of governments aplicants had to pass an exam before they could be hired.
What were some examples of political corruption and what was done to correct corruption? For exmaple,members of political machines stuffed ballot boxes with exrta votes for their candidates. To stop corrutpoin reformers demeand that only qualified people get governments jobs.
Give three examples of muckrakers reform successes. 1. to help the urban poor by started settlement houses. 2.The creation of new professions like city planners and civiengineering. 3.Improveing eduaction to lead to a better society.
What was the consequence of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? It caused the death of 146 workers.This led to laws improving factory safety standards.
Why was the Pure Food and Drug Act created? This law prohibited the manufacture,sale,and transport of mislabeled or contaminated food and drugs.
Urban reform created new professions. What were some of these professions and describe the profession? 1. Cities planning-hepled design safe building codes and opened new public parks. 2. Civil engineers-improve transportaion by paving streets and building bridges. 3.Sanitation engineers tried to slove problems with pollution, waste disposal, impure wate
What was the subject of Upton Sinclair’s book The Jungle? What was the result of this book being published? THe jungle was about unsanitary practies in the meat processing industry.Because of the book the pure food and drug was it.
Why did many women become active in reform? They became active in reform becuase of new educational opportunities also the right to vote.
What was the temperance movement? This was the act of avoiding alcohol use because it was thought to increasefamily violence and crime.
Why did many people at this time worry about women voting? They are worry about woman voters because they thought they would support minimum wage and child labor laws.
How did muckrakers fight crime, poverty, and disease? They wrote about these issues so that people would know what was happening,which pressured politicians to back reform.
Created by: LawrenceR
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