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Pruitt Chapter 6

Progressives, WWI

"The Jungle" A book written by muckraker Upton Sinclair that told about conditions in the meatpacking plants of Chicago
The Meat Inspection Act Allowed government inspectors to check meat to make sure it was safe to eat
The Pure Food and Drug Act Helped make food and medicine safer by requiring companies to tell the truth about their products
Progressives Reformers who worked to stop unfair practices by businesses and to improve the way in which government worked
Muckrakers Progressives who used their written work to inform others of situations and worked for reforms
Yellow Journalism Exaggerated or False reporting to sell newspapers
Isolationism A country decides to remain neutral and let countries handle their own issues
Two main Powers of WWI Central and Allied Powers
Treaty of Versailles Officially ended WWI, heavily punished Germany in its role in WWI and created the League of Nations
League of Nations International organization formed to prevent future world wars
Alliances An agreement among nations to defend one another
World War I War among the Central and Allied Powers beginning in 1914
Panama Canal A canal across the Isthmus of Panama that offered the hope of faster, safer shipping for the U.S.
Created by: tpruitt