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Chapter 7676

Chapeter 7676

ambassadors person who represents the U.S. government in a foreign country
amnesty pardon given to a group of people who break the law
bureaucracy large, complex, hierarchical organization
bureaucrats people who work as part of a bureaucracy
Cabinet group of top advisors to the president. It includes the heads of the executive departments and other officers the president may choose
civil service all of the people working within the bureaucracy of the government
commission appointed or official group formed for a specific purpose
diplomat person who works with leaders of other nations to carry out U.S. foreign policy
duties taxes on goods entering the country
Electoral College group of people chosen from each state and the District of Columbia to elect the president and vice president
execute to carry out or enforce
executive privilege right of a president to keep information secret from Congress in order to protect the nations security
foreign policy plan for how the United States will deal with foreign countries
licensing providing permits for an activity such as interstate transportation
pardon to give legal forgiveness for a crime and thus prevent or end punishment
pension retirement income or allowance paid by an employer
presidential succesion plan for what happens if the president dies or can't perform the duties of the office
private sector business world outside the government
regulator person who controls something through rules and regulations
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